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How To Make A Man Desire You Like No Other

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

How To Make A Man Desire You Like No Other

When you're the very best version of yourself, you have the best chance of attracting a man who will love you eternally. Strong, mysterious, creative, confident and funny women are very attractive to men.

Here are six specific actions you can take right away to make yourself more appealing to the man of your dreams or the man in your life:

1. Shroud Yourself In Mystery

Men like a dash of mystery from their women. In ancient times, men were hunters. In modern times, they still carry this propensity and relish the feeling of adventure. They like to chase women who act hard-to-get. This makes the act of winning a lady's affection like a game for them. But, watch out, this is a tough balancing act. If a man believes that you're not interested in him despite his active expressions of interest, he will give up. Males have a well-developed ego and if a woman hurts his feelings, men don't think the game is worthwhile. So, the trick is for women to generate interest through elusive acts and also know when to take the male attention to the next level.

2. Own Your Power

Honor yourself, and don't stoop to disempowering yourself. There's nothing more alluring to a man than a woman who uses her inner power and confidence in her daily life. Concealing your intelligence is a mistake. Let your light glow and sparkle, enhancing the lives of everyone you touch. Mythology is rich with examples of Goddesses who aren't afraid of using their gifts to help themselves and others. Remember, you want to attract a high-quality man who wants to see you flourish, not someone who holds you back.

3. Live Your Creative Best

Be creative in expressing your romantic feelings for your partner. Think of pleasant aromatherapy, sensual massages, phone sex, unique sex toys, new age music, innovative undergarments and feather ticklers. Allow your sensual side to unfreeze your inhibitions. Be prepared to let your creative energies be inspired in unlikely ways, including with props, in nature, through old photographs and with brand new clothes, disguises and handwritten notes. Don't underestimate the power of playfulness in spiking up your love life.

4. Lead With Humor

Intelligent conversations can make your partner go weak in the knees. Keep yourself informed by reading a wide variety of sources. Lace your discussions with your man with interesting insights. Humor, jokes and anecdotes infuse liveliness into dull evenings. A woman who laughs at herself shows her partner that she is fun and doesn't take herself seriously all the time. You don't have to be a stand-up comedian, but it doesn't hurt to nurture your funny bone.

5. Learn To Listen

Listen with an open heart to the body language and words of your partner. What does he want you to know? Pay attention to the important messages he's trying to communicate to you. When you attend to your partner with your full body and spirit, it conveys that you respect him. He will give his best to you and worship you in return.

6. Forgive Imperfections

In relationships, we're all meant to learn vital life lessons. Sometimes, you may be required to access your highest self and forgive your partner if he has made some small mistakes. Put yourself in your partner's shoes and look at things from his perspective. Relationships flourish when the fuels of empathy and compassion cook a well-nourished foundation. It's this groundwork that will lift couples up to new heights even when they grapple with occasional setbacks.

When you choose to be the best you can be, you're allowing the man in your life to be his best too. As you get better at connecting with your man and showing him the best version of yourself, you will be rewarded with a better man who connects with you more deeply.

By: Psychic Apprentice Mishka

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