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Let Master Psychic Rachel turn your profile photo into a one-of-a-kind piece of art based on the vibes she gets from your picture.

Aura Pictures

SKU: AuraPictures
  • To do an aura picture I will need a photo of you, preferably a head shot. Simply email the photo to me once your payment is made. You agree to allow me to alter the photo in whatever ways I choose and feel are best. I will edit the image using my graphic design talents, adding mystical touches and unique visual insights to your picture.

    Once your picture is complete you will receive a JPEG file from me. The quality and size of the JPEG may vary, but it will be good enough for use in email, on websites or on social networks. There is no guarantee regarding the quality of prints from the image. Master Psychic Rachel is not responsible for prints, and it is up to the buyer to make or purchase prints from another source if desired.

    It will likely take four to seven days for you to receive your JPEG file once your picture is received. Work may begin on your image immediately, so there are no refunds or edits once you have submitted your photo to me.

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