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About Me

Master Psychic Rachel

Master Psychic Rachel


Get the answer to your most burning question free via online chat.


Ask me one question - any question - and I, Master Psychic Rachel, will answer you free of charge. There are many psychics online, and when you feel drawn to ask for an answer from the Universe, it may be hard to decide which are "for real" or "worth it." I understand this, and I want to help ease your fears. 


Who is Master Psychic Rachel?


I am a born gifted master psychic who has professionally counseled thousands of people from all walks of life for over 25 years. I've worked as a top-ranking online psychic through websites like Keen and Kasamba (Please click this link to see my reviews, over 2400, and verify my credentials)


I am highly rated and renowned globally for my amazing insight and accurate predictions. I am also known for my "tell it like it is" readings. I will not sugar coat the truth in order to sell you a dream. You will get the truth good or bad, so please be prepared to have one of the most revealing readings of your lifetime.


What You'll Get From Master Psychic Rachel


I am boldly honest, but I am still caring. Speaking with me is much like speaking to your most trusted friend, but a trusted friend with psychic abilities and superior insight. There is nothing we can't discuss: love, money, career, life, others - what is most important to you is what we'll explore. 


I will never intentionally steer you wrong or judge you for being uniquely you. You can also be secure in the fact that your most personal and private information will stay strictly confidential and never be shared with anyone. 


How Can You Get The Free, Trial-Question Reading


Because destiny has brought you to me for a reason, I feel compelled to offer you a free-question reading. This will give you an opportunity to experience my raw powers, give me a chance to get to know you psychically, and will hopefully be the beginning of a long-lasting, trusted, and beneficial relationship.


If you're a first-time client, please submit your question via live chat or email. I will pass along my psychic insight to you soon after. If you're not absolutely satisfied with the results, you pay nothing and are not obligated to further continue our revealing conversation.

This offer is available for a limited time, so take advantage of your risk-free opportunity to tap into the wisdom of the universe now. Just click here to chat with me live and gain instant access to my powers, or send me an email for a psychic free reading. I am expecting you.


*This offer is only available to first-time customers.


*Only one free question per customer through live chat or email.


* Free clients may have a longer than usual wait time.


* This offer is only available to a limited number of people per day.

My Philosophy

Since I believe destiny has brought you to me for a reason, I feel obligated to offer new clients a free psychic reading, so they can experience my powers. I believe that no one should pay for a reading unless they feel connected to me. That is why I invite you to try a free psychic reading at no risk.



Master Psychic Rachel is a top-ranking online psychic visionary, respected for her amazing insight, accurate predictions and “tell it like it is” readings. Born with a veil in the small town of Bethlehem Pa, she has always talked with spirit guides and had visions. Encouraged by her mother to use her abilities, she connects with people all over the world through her website

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