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Spring Into Renewal: A Guide to Spiritual Cleansing

Updated: Apr 23

 A vintage scene captures a woman from the 50s elegantly dressed, effortlessly sweeping away dark spirits from her sunny, pastel kitchen, symbolizing the cleansing power of spring.

April, leading into May, is a prime time for spring cleaning, both physically and spiritually. Wiping out the cobwebs and decluttering our spiritual closets every four to five months, ideally at the start of a new season, sets us up nicely for the new season and allows us to maintain a cycle of renewal throughout the year.

Spiritual spring cleaning allows us to revitalize ourselves and reassess what's beneficial in our lives and what's not. This is the season of reflection, rebirth, and letting go of the things that burden us. Decluttering our spiritual energy helps us stay on track with our goals. When we clean out our spiritual closets, we organize our mind, body, and soul and clear away things that drain our energy. We also let go of negative influences and bad habits as we reevaluate our goals and desires.

People might notice a change in you after a spiritual cleaning, which may be good or bad. Some will see the positive change in you, while others will think you're acting brand new. Whether you choose to explain your transformation process is up to you. Keeping your spiritual hygiene in check is essential to aligning with your spiritual health, future goals, and desired state of being. Consistent practice will fertilize your spirit and keep your inner and outer life clutter-free.

Just as you declutter your house in the springtime, now is the right time to declutter your spiritual energy. Here are some of the best ways to clear the air and free up your spiritual space:

Clear your physical space: All your cluttered closets, drawers, and cabinets must be decluttered or organized. Did you know that jinns, aka dark spirits, hide negative energy in clutter? If you notice that your life seems stagnant and things are not moving how you want them to, you should clear up cluttered spaces and eliminate unwanted items. Once you do this, you will see negative energy disperse, you will feel as though an enormous weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you will feel more free and connected to the universe. You will start to see opportunities more clearly, and better opportunities will be able to find you once the path is clear and the energy dissipates. Give it a try and see for yourself; don't just take my word for it.

Throw away non-essential things: Unwanted items can take up space and hoard energy. Objects hold energy, good and bad. This is a time to throw out old clothes, items, and the belongings of people with whom you no longer have any connections or have bad blood. Do you still have your narcissistic ex's shoes in your closet? Get rid of them. If you have old pictures of them on your phone, delete them. Throw away physical and digital items of people who no longer serve or respect you. Once you do this, you can get rid of the evil eye that many of these non-essential items store, which brings you bad luck and misfortune.

Sage, candles, or incense: After you have organized, decluttered, and removed unnecessary items, it is time to sage your house. Open windows, closets, and drawers and let in the fresh air and sunlight. As you walk through the house, tell evil to leave with the smoke of burning sage. After you are finished, continue to light candles, essential oils, or incense each day. Did you know that evil spirits hate good smells? Good smells make jinns run, so always have a good scent running through your house throughout the day. Not only will it set the mood, it will chase the evil spirits away.

Remove bad habits and people: You should remove bad habits from your life and purge bad people. This is the time of the year to create a checklist of what is destroying your life. Add bad habits or evil people to this list, and then, as you remove these things from your life, check them off. For example, if you keep eating a bad food, remove that food from your fridge and then check it off your list. Or, if you have dealings with a friend who always seems to get under your skin, check them off, too. People may think you are acting brand new during this time of year, and that is OK. Ultimately, you will have peace of mind; there is no price too high for acquiring peace of mind.

Connect with Nature: Now, once your house is clean, or even if it's not, it is the perfect time to connect with nature. Spring is when the flowers bloom, the bees buzz, and the birds sing louder than they have been. This is the time to connect with what makes this earth so great: nature. The weather is some of the most beautiful this time of year. It's often not too hot and not too cold. This is the perfect time to take a walk, hike in the woods, go to the lake, or listen to the waves of the ocean while walking barefoot in the sand or a field. Practice grounding exercises if you can, in a safe environment, of course. Go to the park and let the grass touch your toes. So what if your feet get dirty and people look at you? You can connect with the universe in a profound way many may not understand. Remember the feeling of the hot sand sliding between your toes or the earth warming your feet? Why did that feel so special and powerful? Because you were connecting with Mother Nature. Or, place your hands on the trees and feel the power of the universe flow through them. If you do these things, not only will you feel empowered, but a surge of energy from the earth will run through you, and you will feel awakened to and aware of the power of the universe and appreciative of your surroundings. Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

Seek support and guidance: Now is a great time to contact your spiritual mentors or counselors. If you have not been connected with them in a while, that is OK, but you should check in now and again to ensure you are on the right path and aligned with your destiny. Throughout time and to this day, all the Greats have turned to mentors or spiritual counselors. These advisers roamed the earth even before we labeled them psychologists, spiritual guides, or medicine men. Just like your car needs an oil change every few months or miles, you need to check your spiritual engine and joints to make sure everything is well lubricated so you can go through life more effortlessly, with more ease and direction. You are not crazy for seeking spiritual guidance. Seeking support helps you along your path and makes sure you are not straying too far from your goals. If you haven't set up a spiritual cleansing and advising session with me in a while, you can book your reading with me today.

By doing your spiritual spring cleaning every few months, you revitalize your path, recenter your spirit, and clear out the negative spiritual clutter in your life. Again, please don't take my word for it; try it out and see for yourself. Once you take these suggestions, you will have more clarity in life, better direction, a sense of empowerment, and more balance and spiritual energy. You will be able to take on life with a whole new vigor; there will be nothing you can't conquer or achieve. It will be like New Year all over again, with a sense of empowerment and vitality and, more than anything, hope. So give these things a try. I know they will work.

Keep in mind that I don't expect you to tackle all these tasks in a single day. Rather, take it one step at a time as we approach the summer solstice on June 20. But begin your spring cleaning now: Which closet will you clear out today? What cabinet will you organize tomorrow? Which friendship will you disengage from? Remember, it's all part of the process, and ultimately, you'll feel tremendously better for it. You'll be glad you made these changes, experiencing a deeper connection with the universe and enjoying a renewed sense of peace and satisfaction.

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