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Pour the Wine & Spill the Tea! My Brand New Gossip Podcast is Here

Two black women gossiping amongst each other

Hey friends!

I'm thrilled to let you all in on my juicy little secret - I've started a brand new gossip podcast called "Just Talk'n Shit" with my bestie Nicki D!

If you've ever wondered what a girls' night in between a couple of "OH NO THEY DIDN'T" besties sounds like - this no-holds-barred podcast is it. We're pouring the wine and spilling all the tea on the wildest celebrity antics, scandals, and drama! From the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Beyoncé's country music attempt, Kate Middleton, and Kim Kardashian's new boy toy, no celebrity buffoonery goes unchecked when I and Nicki get together.

Expect SO many laughs and even more "OMG's!" Our unfiltered hot takes on all things pop culture are not meant for polite company. But between you and me? That's what makes it even more fun!

We're still figuring out our cadence, but new episodes will be dropping periodically when you least expect it! So what are you waiting for? First episode just launched and you know you want in on the fun!

Click here to listen to "Just Talkin' Shit" and see for yourself what happens when two very opinionated BFFs decide to share their thoughts ;) Prepare for some outrageous convo, and don't say I didn't warn you!!


Master Psychic Rachel

Don't Live Life In The Dark...

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