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Terms of Use



Welcome to Master Psychic Online by Nialu Enterprises. This is a psychic reading website which offers professional readings. Master Psychic Rachel is God gifted with these powers and hereby does not imply this as a substitution to any medical treatment. When you get a reading with Master Psychic Rachel or Affiliates, you are getting a "Psychic Opinion." We do not offer any answers related to health questions, and any advice given by us should not be substituted or replaced by that of a medical professional/doctor. 


This is an official Terms of Use page of Master Psychic Online. The terms used “we”, “us, “our” refers to Master Psychic Online and Nailu Enterprises. Whereas, terms used, “you” and “user” refers to the clients and readers of this website. 






The psychic services provided on this website are only for entertainment, educational, informational and consultation purposes only. We do not sell our services to anyone below the age of 18 as per our strict policies. 


We will not be held accountable for any loss, damage, harm caused by the information provided on this website or through our services. You are agreeing to use our services with your explicit freewill and must express your consent in a clear and transparent manner. 


Furthermore, we have updated our Terms of Use in compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have written this agreement in compliance with GDPR requirements. 




Under section 1, Acceptance of Agreement we have two binding clauses which are set forth for a transparent and clear understanding of rights and agreement between the parties.


1.1. Client – Master Psychic Online Confidentiality 


By using the services offered on this website either through online chat, email, telephone, video chat or text messages you are agreeing to the terms and conditions and shall bound to each point of this agreement.


  • As a client, you are bound to maintain the confidentiality of the readings and consultation provided to you.

  • You must not share, sell, publish, modify or amend any information or reading that is provided to you under the confidence of Master Psychic Online.

  • As a client, you cannot record phone calls of the readings without taking prior written consent from Master Psychic Online and thus bound to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided.

  • As a client, you are also liable to take written consent for any previously recorded phone calls/conversations. 


1.2. Master Psychic Online – Client Confidentiality 


This clause binds Master Psychic Online to maintain the confidentiality of its clients. Thereby we are bound to maintain professional secrecy towards our clients and shall abide to and conform to the following points.


  • We are bound to maintain the confidentiality of readings provided to our clients under all circumstances.

  • We do not share, sell, publish or amend any information or reading of our clients with anyone.

  • We cannot record the telephone conversations of our clients without their prior written consent.

  • The website has independent contractors who work under the umbrella of Master Psychic Online and thereby abide to the rules and regulations on a professional level.

  • These independent contractors are bound by a non-disclosure agreement thus they cannot share or disclose the personal information of the clients to anyone.

  • These independent contractors work as assistants with Master Psychic Rachel and respond to queries and appointments to clients through official email of the website.

  • They are trained to protect the privacy and personal information of the clients and thus do not violate any law.



2.1 All bookings made on Master Psychic Online are for personal readings on our website
2.2 You are bound by the pricing shown online and must agree to the price quoted before ordering any service.
2.3 It is your responsibility to provide valid billing information while filling out an order or contact form. We accept payments through PayPal.
2.4 We reserve the right to reject any booking or appointment because of scheduling conflicts.
2.5 We reserve the rights to cancel any scheduled appointment if we don’t receive payment in advance or if you are more than 5 minutes later than agreed.
2.6 You are required to pay the price for the services at the time of booking or invoicing unless other specific arrangements have been made. Invoices are sent the day of a scheduled reading and prompt payment is expected. Payment is the only way to guarantee your time slot. Confirmation emails do not secure your time slots.
2.7 We will not provide requested services if we don’t get valid payment or payment arrangements in advance or if the payment doesn’t go through.
2.8 Whenever possible, cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance. Cancellations must be made no less than 2 hours in advance. Clients who do not cancel or reschedule an appointment at least 2 hours in advance are considered a no-show.
2.9 In case of a no-show or late cancellation, you will not be able to book another appointment without contacting Master Psychic Rachel first. She will then put you on a waiting list and work with you directly on scheduling your next appointment. 
3.0 In cases where you reschedule at the last minute, we may require valid payment before your rescheduled appointment will be accepted. 
3.1 Clients who fail to show up for their appointment or do not cancel at least 2-24 hours before their scheduled time will incur a $35 fee. This policy is effective immediately and applies to each instance of a missed or late-cancelled appointment. The fee must be settled promptly before any future sessions can be arranged.

3.2 Should you miss an appointment, cancel, or fail to show up, your eligibility for the VIP discount on future readings will be suspended. This means full payment is required for your next reading. Access to sales, promotional codes, and the VIP discount will be reinstated only after the full price for one reading has been paid. Upon settling the regular rate for one session, you will once again be able to enjoy the benefits of coupons, promotional codes, and the VIP discount.

3.3 Repeated cancellation of appointments or no-shows may lead to Master Psychic Rachel not taking any further appointments from you. 
 After 3 consecutive cancellations or no shows in a year, the booking system will not allow you to make a new booking for 1 year from the date of the last scheduled appointment. You may be able to receive services as a walk-in or waiting list client and can request to be notified when a time slot becomes available.
3.5 For clients who are more than 5 minutes late or pay late, any time missed or time spent handling the transaction is taken from reading time. That means if you schedule a 30-minute reading, are 5 minutes late and require 5 minutes to handle the payment transaction, you will only have 20 minutes of talk time remaining.
3.6 We only accept payments through the authorized payment option shown on our website.





Master Psychic Online offers 3 types of readings.


3.1 Free Email Reading – In this option, you will not be charged and a free reading will be provided to you. Please make sure to click on the free email reading to get a link, otherwise your sent email will be delivered to the spam folder.

3.2 $1 Email Reading – In this option, users will be charged with only $1 and readings will be shared with the user through email.

3.3 Paid Reading – In this option, users will have to pay for more in-depth readings, there are different packages enclosed in paid readings starting from $25 to $200. For more information, visit our services page. 






4.1 The content, information, images, graphics, logos, brand name present on this website is the sole property and registered trademarks of Master Psychic Online and affiliated partners only. 

4.2 We hold the copyrights of any material available on this website and thus no one is allowed to misuse, share, and copy or distribute any of its content, graphics, or information.  

4.3 Copying, sharing, modification, and distribution of any part of this website is strictly prohibited by Master Psychic Online.

4.4 You do not hold any right to any part of the material or information provided on this website unless and until it contains personally identified information or data.



5.1 Master Psychic Online does not exchange, return or refund.

5.2 If the client is late for any booked appointment, then he or she will not be entertained after the appointment time and hence fees will not be returned or refunded. The client will have to book a new appointment again. The client will also lose his/her VIP discount and would be liable to pay the full price for the reading the next time they reschedule.

5.3 Your scheduled appointment will not be transferred, shared or exchanged with any third-party including, family, friend or a relative.



You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless and its affiliates and each of our independent contractors, from any and all claims, actions, demands, liabilities, proceedings, judgments, fines, damages, costs, and expenses, including but not limited to any settlement costs and/or reasonable attorney’s fees, arising from or relating to your use of the Website and/or its services whether via the Internet or telephone and any material you submit, transmit or make available through the Service, your use of the Service and any advice or information obtained thereby, your violation of these Terms of Use or any other applicable usage terms, conditions, policies, or requirements, or your infringement or violation of any rights of another, or termination of your access to the Website and/or services. Use of this information is at your own risk and provided for entertainment purposes only




You must warrant that:


7.1 All the information provided to us is true and correct in all manners.

7.2 You will cooperate with us to provide all the relevant information required for reading

7.3 We are not forcing you to accept any of these terms of use and you hold the right to withdraw using this website if you do not agree with any clause 

7.4 You will not provide false or fake information about yourself

7.5 The accuracy of the reading is not 100% and is provided using God gifted skills, thus you will not hold us accountable for any harm or loss

7.6 Your emotional state may get affected during the process of reading

7.7 You fully understand each and every clause explained in this agreement


Privacy Policy

Master Psychic Online believes that privacy policy plays an integral part in the presence of any online business. Terms used as, “we”, “our” and “us” refers to Master Psychic Online whereas terms used as, “you” and “user” refers to the clients and readers of this privacy policy. 

We respect the privacy of your users and make sure to maintain data protection services and strategies to keep the personal and sensitive information of our users secured. Our website is governed in accordance with USA online rules and regulations. However, with the new online EU General Data Protection Regulation, we have revised our privacy policy to make it easier to read and understand by our users. 


We have made sure to incorporate all the necessary information in our privacy policy that you may know including what information is gathered and how it is processed along with what rights you have as a user. 

What information is collected


We collect personal information in three different ways.


  1. Free Email Reading – Under this option, we collect your name, email address and any private or personal information that you share with us through online chat, emails, text messages or phone call, for reading purposes only

  2. Paid Reading – Under this option, we store your name, email address, date of birth, billing address, contact numbers and any other private or personal details that you share with us through online chat, emails, text messages or phone call,  with us for reading purposes. Please note that we do not store your credit/debit card information as the payments are processed through PayPal which is a secured mode of payment. 

  3. Cookies – Our website use cookies to collect automated information such as; IP information, date and time (session period) and browser type. You have the option to opt-out from using cookies by unchecking the cookies box.


How we store your information 


We store your personal information on our secure cloud system. For correspondence through emails we use a secure emailing system and Helpdesk with two-factor authentification. We do not collect or use your information outside our secured servers. The information of paid customers are stored on a personal computer and cannot be accessed without two-factor authentication. 


Master Psychic Rachel has three independent contractors that work with her as assistants and help in replying to emails regarding questions, bookings and appointments for readings. 


Free email readings and $1 email readings are accessible to Master Psychic Online independent contractors, who are locked into a confidentiality agreement and are trained semi-annually on how to protect sensitive client information.


Why we collect this information


We collect this information to provide you customized reading services considering your details and information. We also collect this information to quickly analyze your personality and provide readings with as much accuracy as we can.


Please note that we record this data on file for future readings, as we have clients that come after few months and years for further readings, having their data on board helps us in processing their requests quickly. 


How we process this information


The personal information of the users will be processed as per company’s standard procedures while keeping the privacy and secrecy of individual’s data and not disclosing or misusing it. The information received through contact forms, emails, text messages or phone calls are used to provide professional reading services to the users. 


Furthermore, once the users submit their questions through our secure online forms, all the information received are stored on the service providers servers, which are also secure and then routed through our secure email system. The email/information is then automatically forwarded to our Helpdesk. The information received is then processed and handled at the help desk.


Sharing of Information to Third-Parties


Master Psychic Online does not share your personal information with any third-party. We respect the privacy of our clients and thus ensure to maintain the confidentiality of personal information. 


We do not sell, share, modify, amend or distribute your personal information to any Third-party. We are obliged to maintain professional and ethical secrecy of client’s information. 


However, when you use a contact form or send an email to us, the service providers of these applications could have access to the account if there is an audit or technical support issues that need to be addressed. Please note that your personal information is not randomly handed over to any third parties willingly. 


Retention Period


As per the nature of the business, it is required to keep the details for longer periods of time because clients come back after months and years for further readings.


We will ask for consent from our clients to retain the information indefinitely or at least for 10 years.


However, users can always ask us to remove your personal information if you don’t feel comfortable about it. Please note, that once your information is removed from this website we will not be able to provide our services to you and hence you will not be able to use this website again. 


Rights of the User


GDPR regulation gives more control to the user over their personal data which they share online. We understand and support this regulation and have tried our best to comply with GDPR requirements. Users have numerous rights under GDPR which they can avail if and when required. The rights are listed below for ease of visibility and understanding:


  • Right to be informed (your right to know how we process your information/data)

  • Right to access (your right to ask us of what information we hold about you on our systems)

  • Right to erasure or Right to be forgotten (user’s right to ask us to remove all of their personal data from our systems)

  • Right to data portability (user’s right to receive the personal data which you have shared with us, in a structured and machine-readable format to transfer to another data controller with your own consent and/or under any binding contract.


Sharing on Social Media Platforms 


Master Psychic Online reserves the right to share some information on social media platforms without disclosing any personal information of any client. For example, a feedback or review.


Data Breach 


We haven’t faced any data breach ever however we will report any unlawful data breach of this website’s database to all the relevant individuals and authorities within the prescribed time period 72 hours of the breach under GDPR, only if it is obvious that personal information or data stored in an identifiable manner has been stolen or breached.


Security Precautions 


When you share your information with us on our website we make sure to keep it secure by all means. Our independent contractors are bound to not share any of our data subject’s information outside the company. Our website is SSL secured and we update our security certificates regularly. 


Data Protection Officer


Our data protection officer is Rachel Spain which overviews the security measures and ensure their consistent implementation throughout the processes. 


Contact Us


Clients can contact us for any questions or queries that they may have on the given contact details:

Email Us

• (1) 585-466-4528





Privacy Policy
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