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A Soulmate Prayer

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

A Soulmate Prayer

Blessed is this world of creation.

Blessed is life, love and patience

Love gentle, perfect as a pearl.

Let the emotion begin to unfurl...

A love that is patient and kind.

A love that always comes to mind.

A love that never keeps track of wrong.

A love that always seeks to belong.

There is a time to listen and learn.

There is a time to let love burn.

Even when love has been let go.

It still burns brighter than the sun's glow.

A love that has a belief in all things.

A love that bears what life brings.

A love that has hope at its center.

A love that seeks out its closest mentor.

For a love that has decided to move away.

There is a different love thought offered today.

A thought to have love decide to return.

To stoke the fire of love and let it burn.

A love that thinks of others first.

A love that never sees the worst.

A love that rejoices in the greatness of you.

A love that gains a world old, yet still new.

Seek out the face of the one loved so much.

Seek out the lightness of a remembered touch.

Find the moment when love touched the heart.

Find the time when love felt like it would never depart.

A love that believes everything is possible.

A love that never seems illogical.

A love that insists on seeking out the truth.

A love that stays innocent as it does in youth.

The desire to have love return once again.

To have love choose to once again begin.

Reach out now with faith, love, and hope.

And choose not to limit its size or its scope.

A love that seeks justice instead of anger each day.

A love that searches to always find a way.

A love that decides to return because it is right.

A love that will hold your soul close every night.

Let your love cry out to the only one it does adore.

Let it be answered by this oath swore.

To be committed to the door opened in the past.

To make the choice to have this love last.

A love which does not envy another.

A love that binds both together.

A love that seeks to gain everything.

A love that sees good in anything.

Faith, hope, and love must abide in these three.

Hold these close to have love return to thee.

Insist not on what is wanted, but what is needed.

Then love will answer the call that has been heeded.

A love that will return at a moment true.

A love that will stay close to you.

A love that will be forever treasured by your soul.

A love that will never decide to let go.

Knock and the door will be opened up to you.

Ask and love's desire shall be made true.

Picture this emotion and decide to make it real.

You both are now in control of love's wheel.


Master Psychic Rachel

Don't Live Life In The Dark...

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