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Reading His Signals: Into You or Not?

Updated: Feb 20

Image of a smiling Latino man looking affectionately at a Latina woman who appears contemplative and unsure, with the text 'READING HIS SIGNALS: INTO YOU OR NOT?

As Valentine's Day is upon us, the longing for companionship becomes more pronounced. Some of us will bask in the joy of shared affection, while others may find themselves questioning the interest of someone they believed was drawn to them. Fear not, for my goal is not to dishearten but to enlighten and perhaps strengthen your resolve.

Understanding whether someone is genuinely into you can be perplexing. With a wealth of experience from over 30,000 readings, I've come to recognize the unmistakable signs of attraction and disinterest. Let's delve into these indicators:

Signs He's Into You

  • He Craves Your Voice: A man truly enchanted by you will find it unbearable to spend too much time apart. Even amidst the hustle of daily life, he will seek out your voice or your presence, making sure to connect with you in ways that extend beyond the impersonal nature of texts. This consistent effort to hear from you, to include you in his day, signifies a deep-seated interest.

  • He Dedicates Time: No matter how packed his schedule, he carves out moments for you, demonstrating that your presence is not just wanted but needed. This commitment to ensuring regular meet-ups, whether weekly or bi-weekly, reflects a desire to integrate you into the fabric of his life.

  • He Shares Celebrations: Marking holidays and special occasions with you, especially Valentine's Day, highlights his affection and the special place you hold in his life. It's his way of showing that, given the choice, he'd choose to spend those moments with you over anyone else.

  • He Introduces You to His World: When he brings you into his circle of friends and family, it's a testament to his pride in having you by his side. It signals a readiness to integrate you into his personal life, an unequivocal sign of his interest.

  • He Treats You With Utmost Respect: From pet names to constant compliments, his actions are designed to uplift you, making you feel valued and adored. This respectful demeanor is a clear indicator of deep affection.

Signs He's Not Into You

  • Communication Lapses: Extended periods without communication reveal a lack of genuine interest. True affection finds a way to bridge gaps, no matter the circumstances.

  • Sporadic Meetings: If meetings are infrequent or seem to serve his convenience rather than mutual desire, it may be time to reassess his intentions. Genuine interest finds a way to overcome the busiest of schedules.

  • He Misses Out on Major Occasions: Consistently absent during significant moments, he demonstrates where his priorities lie. Missing out on shared celebrations, especially without valid reasons, is a red flag.

  • You Haven't Met His Inner Circle: Being kept away from his close relationships might indicate he's not seeing the relationship as seriously as you are. This exclusion speaks volumes about his commitment levels.

  • He Disrespects You: Any form of disrespect, whether through harsh words or actions, signals a lack of genuine affection and respect. You deserve someone who elevates you, not someone who pulls you down.

Recognizing these signs will help you navigate the complexities of your relationships with more clarity. While not every relationship will tick all the boxes, observing these patterns can offer valuable insights into his true feelings.

Embrace this Valentine's Day with love for yourself first and foremost. When you're filled with self-love, you set the standard for how you should be treated. If you're ever in doubt or need guidance, remember, I'm here to illuminate your path. Let me help you navigate the complexities of love and relationships.

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With love,

Master Psychic Rachel

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