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"Tarot" A Super Fan Review

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

OMG! This song! Have you ever been crazy obsessed with someone and betrayal from “your beloved” was also involved?

If you are obsessed with or have been obsessed with someone, you must listen to Tarot by Rachel Spain, you will identify and see yourself in this song, going through many of the faces we found ourselves in when we let an obsession hit us.

Trapped in a circle because of a relationship we have built with a person based on idealistic desires.

Yet we keep falling for the same, what we so blindly think is love even if is hurting us and eating us alive.

We keep looking and looking for validation here and there that the relationship is worth it and that it will be good one day.

We even chose to go to the tarot, hoping it will tell us it will get better, looking for a revelation, a sign or something that it will be love and it will be fine one day… Even after betrayal.

But the Tarot says that is not getting any better and it’s clearly telling us it is not getting any better! lol

And then we go pretending it will get better one day. “I just have to love him a little bit more, a little longer, he will change”

We keep lying and still searching so desperately for another answer when we already know it, but we are in full denial of the truth and go to the tarot, one more time, hoping last time was not accurate and that there could be better answer… There must be a better one!

It’s fascinating and completely innovating in the music industry how Rachel Spain paints the picture of this relationship using tarot cards.

She mentions 7 cards:

The Magician; interesting enough that in the tarot the magician appears at a time in life when we have the creative power and energy to create a new life cycle for ourselves and it also means a person who is sneaky, sly, plays magic-like tricks; an illusion, after all.

Reversed Two of Cups which denotes she’s struggling to have a good partnership, because of lack of trust, lack of harmony, multiple betrayals which lead to unfinished “business” from the “past,” the communication is really broken.

Reversed Queen of Swords which in the Tarot suggests that the woman is thinking more with her heart than her head, being very emotionally involved distorting her perception.

Judgment Day card calls for a period of reflection and self-evaluation.

The Towers Falling which describe feelings of fear, insecurity. Saying it’s a time of great turmoil and destruction as she starts to understand how she could have been so wrong, so naïve and so blind and now, how would she manage to face that shocking truth… Which is described in the second part of the song.

The moon is a psychological card of projecting fear into your present and your future, based on past experiences.

And finally, the sun which Rachel Spain does not specify if reversed or not but because she says “The moon and the sun is not coming” I am thinking is reversed; which means that we may be being too positive. That our perception of a particular situation is overly optimistic and unrealistic.

In the second part of the song, the woman is now talking bitterly about cupid who is known as the angel of love, saying cupid keeps shooting her in the heart, keeps making her turn back.

And she keeps saying how much she loves him, saying she doesn’t even think twice when it’s about him, and sadly admitting it drives her crazy yet calling it love, fire, and ice, so blindly believing she has nothing but love for this man.

It’s interesting the raw truth and emotions behind these lyrics because whoever says they have never been so obsessed with a “special someone” it’s totally lying.

This song is both magical and personal because it really describes how most of us feel when we are so blindly obsessed with someone. It’s pure gold, raw and unfiltered truth that hit my soul.

Fantastic work, love, and passion were put in this song! Definitely a favorite one.

You must listen to it!

Jen Gómez Gil

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