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Cold Winter Storm (Review & Podcast)

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

I am from Ukraine, and we have cold-blazing winter this year. You know, heaps of snow, bone-shivering temperatures, and all that nice winter season pack. I was idly surfing on the internet to kill time. I decided to listen to some random tracks. I came across “Cold Winter Storm” song. Ironically enough, it had cold, winter, and storm in the title. “Well, I can relate to that one,” I thought to myself. A set of headphones on my ears, I got into it.

I did not have any particular expectations. As a rule, I do not expect much from random stranger tracks. This song hit me with a real blizzard right from the start. It had this power-boosting electric feeling at the beginning. I felt like Storm from X-Men with her bolts of lightning or Electro from Spider-Man. They must have felt the same surge of electricity through their bodies. And with that in mind, I got trapped in that storm. When the first lines came up, I got to the eye of a hurricane. The words harnessed that immense electric oomph. And hell was let loose! There was this line: “that’s real/like electrodes/on a piece of steel/I got that eel,” which summarized well that leccy flow I was describing earlier.

The beat kept spinning the same kind of hurricane energy through the whole song. However, when you start listening to it the second and the third times, you will find it less frenzy and more controlled. That’s what I referred to as the eye of the hurricane – it has a lot of energy around you; you can sense it; still, it does not get too much for you.

A couple of words should be said about the chorus. I liked the more lyrical and more vocal theme of the hook. There are more intimacy and tenderness in those lines, culminating in the “Candle in the wind… I will pray my sins” part.

Okay, I think I have let my overall feeling out. The song hooked me, and since it has not stopped pulling me. I like walking in the real Ukrainian snowstorm with this track plugged into my ears. And, sometimes, the snowflakes around me associate with stilettos that have electrodes on its blade. Or it reminds me of “Into the Spider-Verse” movie, where there was a winter, hip-hop vibes, and a lot of action. Nice stuff!

Andrii O.

Check out my latest podcast to hear more about "Cold Winter Storm."

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