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How To Supercharge Your Psychic Powers

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

How To Supercharge Your Psychic Powers

Like the 5 senses – seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling – ESP, the sixth sense, is something most of us are born with – not all of us, but the majority of us. Some people think that strong psychic abilities are a God-given gift only to lucky people. But this is far from the case.

You see, anyone can enhance their psychic powers. Most of us are born with these abilities, and all it takes is a willingness to learn as well as a deep passion and desire to connect with your internal GPS.

If you want to learn how to develop your psychic abilities to an astronomical level – to be the master of your intuition – you may want to consider what I’m about to tell you: Developing strong intuition is simple. Just follow my guide and you’ll see your psychic abilities soar to superhero levels.

The following suggestions are among the many critical pieces of the puzzle for adding layers of dimension and interconnection to your psychic abilities. These abilities are not just one thing, and you must cultivate your sixth sense as if it were an intricate universal solar system working in harmonious rhythm. Intuition is a sense that needs to be nurtured, supported, spoiled and fed to grow. It is one of the most lively of senses, but all too often it gets left for dead.

So how do you enliven your psychic powers? You may already know you have the gift of ESP – or perhaps you think you have it. How do you deepen, strengthen and enhance it so you can become the one person that clients come back to time and time again because of your profound predictions and insightful readings?

As for my abilities, I’ve noticed there are pretty good days and there are really great days. On the days when I’m great, I make profound predictions and clients are completely blown away by their readings. So I’ve started to pay close attention to my days, nights and dreams. I’ve started logging what I do on my best days: how much I sleep, what foods I ate, who I interacted with and how I was feeling inside. I have started keeping track of my findings and have found these tips and techniques help improve my readings:

1. Sleep. Make sure you get good rest. I recommend at least 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. Sometimes, we neglect sleep, and there’s maybe 1 to 3 percent of us who are able to function on 6 hours or less of sleep. The rest of us need 7 hours or more. If you think you have slept well and feel refreshed at first but crash later in the day, you may find that you never really got the proper amount of sleep needed. Maybe you were awake worrying, tossing and turning or making trips to the bathroom in the wee hours of the night. If you have problems sleeping, try to get to the source of the problem because to keep your psychic blades sharp, sleep is vital. As with any other profession, the better you rest, the more productive and sharp you will be. I notice when I get a good night’s rest with no interruptions, I’m refreshed and have great energy and focus when I do my readings.

2. Eat clean. The old saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t be more true. What we put into our bodies is a deep reflection of who we are and how we feel. If you eat an unhealthy, unbalanced, high-carbohydrate diet, you will tend to have spikes in your blood sugar that will have you come crashing down later. Eating an unbalanced diet can have you going from feeling great one moment to in a slump the next. So be sure to eat a high-protein breakfast, lunch and dinner with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole gains. Try not to eat processed or fast food, which usually includes a lot of flour, sugar and carbs. Eating too much unhealthy foods can dampen your mood and keep your brain in a fog. I TRY to start my day with brunch, which normally consists of an omelet, a slice of whole-grain toast plus a cup of vegetable juice or unsweetened lemon water. I also TRY to avoid fast food and cook most of my meals at home. I TRY to make my meals look colorful with lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean proteins too. I notice that I do better readings when I have some vegetable juice instead of an energy drinks at the start of my day because it gives me a nice sustained energy throughout the day. Eating a balanced, colorful diet will have you feeling such vitality that you spring from reading to reading like the psychic acrobat you were destined to be. Or eat what you want and lumber in the fog of an unbalanced diet, wondering why you’re having trouble seeing clearly through the haze of your minds eye.

3. Read. I love reading. In fact, I read all the time and I highly recommend it to everyone. Try to read at least 30 to 60 minutes a day if you can – or at the very least 15 minutes a day. Read something educational that deals with metaphysics, psychic abilities, business or inspiration – anything that will feed your brain and build its supreme mental powers. You can never learn too much, and you’re never too old to learn. I embrace the fact that I don't have all the answers, so I’m in constant search of answers. Even when I think I have answers, I like to get other people’s perspectives. There is usually something new I can pull from anything. And if I can pull one new thing from a book, then I know that reading it was worth my time. When I’m really busy, I love to listen to audiobooks. I can manage about 2 to 4 books a week when I listen to audiobooks. They’re great for when you’re cleaning the house or taking a walk in nature. If you want to become an expert in your craft, pick up a book. If you want to keep your mental blades nice and sharp as a psychic and take your powers up to a whole new level, read, read, read. Read about the laws of frequency, intuition, relationships, philosophies, math, metaphysics and more. Sometimes, too, you should pick up something out of the scope of what you usually read to learn something new. You will surely find some correlation between this new subject matter and your psychic abilities.

4. Walk. I notice that when I walk before my readings, I have super-sharp focus. It supercharges my psychic powers. I usually take a 10-minute walk around my complex right before or after my readings. After my walks, I feel slightly winded but I tend to recover in just a few minutes. I don’t run or jog, I just walk briskly, sometimes picking up the pace slightly. When I do this I get oxygen flowing to my brain that clears my head and allows me to think more clearly and efficiently. Walking has to be one of the greatest secrets – next to reading and practice – when it comes to supercharging your psychic powers. Remember, a strong body and a strong mind greatly enhances your psychic abilities.

5. Vitamins. I love my Optimind vitamins and pop one at the start of my day before my readings. It really helps with mental fog, gives me a boost of energy and helps me stay laser-sharp and focused. Optimind vitamins even have ingredients that help offset caffeine crashes, so I never feel like I’m crashing. These vitamins have the equivalent of about a cup of coffee as well as other ingredients that help you with focus, stress and sharpness. I normally take one capsule a day, and I can tell the difference. It gives me a boost in my production and wellbeing.

6. Meditate. I like to meditate either when I wake up or before I go to bed to clear my mind and enhance mental clarity. I use meditation apps including Relax Melodies and others for third eye opening, sleep enhancing and more. Guided meditation apps help me clear my head so I can start or end my day with a tranquil mind. It is like defragmenting your mind. I thought meditation was overrated earlier in my career, but I noticed that the more of it I did, the more I could see the benefits of meditation –from better focus to an uncluttered mind, a relaxed body and more. It’s beneficial to meditate after a long day of readings since you pick up so many different energies that you need to clear from yourself. So meditation helps me feel recharged and refreshed, and I perform better with my reading when I meditate than if I don’t. Try it for 5 minutes and I believe you will see how it can help enhance your psychic energy by keeping you in a clear, calm state of mind.

7. Confidence. One of the most important qualities you can possess as a psychic is confidence. Early in my career when I first started doing readings for the public, I always got butterflies in my stomach before each one. This is natural in the beginning. These jitters quickly disappeared once I got deep into my readings. But when I was less confident, I noticed that I was less accurate in my readings than when I was fully confident. Even if you don’t feel confident about your readings, don’t allow your nerves to get the best of you because this can interference with your connection to the universe, the spirits and your clients. That means your nervousness can cause less-than-stellar prophecies and negative reviews. Never let your crown tilt. Hold your head up high and know that this is what you were born to do. Mistakes are certain to happen. But know this career is meant to be and don’t doubt your God-given gift. Once you own your special gift and have undeniable confidence in yourself, others will have confidence in you as well – and feel your powers. As you will see, your powers grow as your confidence grows.

8. Brain games. To be psychic you must be sharp and able to think quickly and with efficiency and precision. One of the best ways to enhance your psychic abilities is to play brain games. I like the app Elevate, but there are a bunch of other brain games out there that are just as good. The great thing about most of these is that you can play them in a short amount of time and focus on different types of learning like math, reading, punctuation, listening, focus, memory retention and more – all vital skills you need to be a top psychic. Remember you are never too old to exercise your brain. I notice after playing brain games, I feel like I can navigate, process and retrieve information from the spirits and universe with much more accuracy and flow. You can really feel the difference in your day after playing a brain game. Just as exercising is good for the mind, body and soul, exercise your brain daily with different experiences to heighten the psychic powers you already have inside of you.

9. Practice, practice, practice. To be a master of your craft, they say it can take 20 hours of practice a week for 10 years or more, but you can achieve high-quality skills quicker than that. There is no greater exercise for your psychic abilities than practicing on willing participants. Practice doing readings on your friends and family first and then eventually work on reading strangers. I’m sure you can find plenty of willing participants in psychic forums and online social media groups. Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes because that’s part of your learning process and the expansion of your skills. Mistakes are what make us human, make us stronger and make us better psychics. Ask yourself after every reading what you missed and how this could have been a better reading. Try not to take failures or bad readings as the end of the world; they’re really not. Errors are part of life, and your clients should understand this too. Even though I have been doing this at mastery levels for more than 20 years, I practice and learn everyday. And I admit that I still make mistakes sometimes.

10. Stay positive. To be at the top of your psychic abilities, you need to live as peaceful and humble a life as possible. It’s important to surround yourself with positive people who uplift you, not people who bring you down. If you surround yourself with negative people or are doing negative things, you will drain yourself of the life force that’s needed to give a great psychic reading. It’s vital that you live a life of peace and love, talking the talk and walking the walk too. You can’t live a drama-filled life and expect to be on top of your psychic abilities. So be sure to keep stress down to a minimum and get rid of people or things that may be pulling you down. When you’re surrounded by positive energy as often as possible, you’ll see your psychic energies soar and find yourself receiving blessings from the universe. The good energy you put out and with which you surround yourself will give you the fuel you need for great readings.

11. Declutter. There is no truer statement than “a cluttered house equals a cluttered mind”. I notice that when my house is a mess – and more specifically, when my office is a mess – I’m unable to focus. When my space is clutter-free, I feel more free and able to tap into the universe much effortlessly. I believe that clutter hides negative energy and spirits, and the more piles of clutter you have around you, the more your powers will be impeded. If you notice that you’re having trouble focusing on your readings or you’re having a hard time connecting with a client, look around you. Is something around you disorganized? Is the chi – or energy flow – off in some way? When you start to declutter your home, office and devices, you’ll be a greater magnet to the spiritual, universal and godly forces that help you make a clear connection with your clients and their needs.

12. Concentration. As a professional psychic, it’s important to have great listening skills and focus, concentrating on what clients want and need. If there is a lot of drama in your life that prevents you from focusing on your client, you may miss a lot of important information. And that can cause you to fall short of expectations in your readings. When you give yourself to your client, you should give them your mind, body and soul, if only for that moment. Your mind must be free of distractions and clutter and your ears must be completely open to hear both the client and the whispers of your spirit guides. Only then can you feel the vibrational messages that will be sent to you through the universal forces. If you can’t quiet your mind and connect fully and willingly to your clients, you’re going to have a hard time giving them the best reading possible.

13. A day of rest. For more than a decade, I provided readings 7 days a week, almost around the clock. I thought I was doing the right thing by helping people whenever they needed me. That was my godly duty, right? But even God himself is said to have rested on the seventh day. So I’ve started taking Sundays off, and I’ve noticed an improvement in my psychic energy. Disconnecting from it all and coming into the center of myself one day a week makes a real difference. Now, I do what I want and love on my day off, like writing this article. There’s no watching the clock, just pure self-love and attention, the spoiling of me. When I get back to work on Mondays, I’m supercharged, energetic and more precise in my readings. One day a week, don’t worry so much about pleasing others. Do only what makes your heart sing and nothing else. You deserve that, and you’ll find that it will heighten your psychic abilities when you can shut intuition off for a day and let it take its rest.

14. Technology. We live in the information age. Although I’m old school and like the smell and feel of a dusty book, I can’t deny that technology is getting closer and closer to knowing us more that we know ourselves. So why not utilize it? I don’t use a lot of technology for my readings aside from my laptop, but I’m starting to use Google Home more and more. It helps me with mathematical equations, zodiac signs and numerology. For example, if I say “OK Google, what is the life path for number 1? or “What is the Zodiac sign for someone born on August 8th?” I get an answer that would have taken me longer to remember or look up. Also, Google Home has a great speaker to play my ambient and focus music, an important product of technology. I find that music can take you to a higher plane and help you reach galactic-level spiritual consciousness.

15. Being your own teacher. Do your own research on psychic abilities, measure and keep track of what you find, take notes, read books, take classes and connect with like minds. When you’re born to do this, no one can teach you more than yourself. But don't be scared to explore, leaving no stone unturned in examining what else is out there to know about the universe and ESP. You can never absorb too much in this field. If you want to be at the zenith of your psychic abilities, make sure to chronicle your journey since you can’t accurately track what you learn if you don’t measure and document it. Keep a journal. You never know what significance your writings will hold one day. You may want to pass on that knowledge someday too.

16. Zener cards. Zener cards are a deck of cards made up of 5 symbols: a circle, a plus sign, three vertical squiggly lines, a square and a star. The cards are designed to test your ESP or psychic abilities. There are many apps out there that can help test your psychic abilities, but I feel the best method is to get a deck of Zener cards, try to guess each card in the pack before each turn, then put to the side each card you get right. How good you are at guessing which card will fall next can translate to how good are you at predicting events in someone’s life. Using Zener cards will not only strengthen your psychic muscles but can indicate where you are psychically. Often before I start my day, I use Zener cards or apps to help me get my mental rubber bands stretched out and flexible. Zener cards are also a unique kind of entertainment, so get your kids, spouse and friends to play and see who is more psychic than the others. When you’re often better than your friends and family at predicting the cards, you can start to consider yourself a psychic champion.

17. Prayer. I believe there is no stronger force than prayer. Pray before and after your readings to make sure you’re focused on the right things in your mind and in the life of your client. I notice that when I ask God to give me the strength and powers to guide others and bless those around me, I provide more powerful readings. It’s worth really going deep within yourself and connecting with your God, the creator of all people, powers and situations. When you feel a strong connection with God, you’re better able to connect others with the powers and resources that can help them achieve a better life.

These are many of the things I’ve found useful in helping me supercharge my psychic abilities. Sometimes I use several of these methods in a given day and sometimes only a few. When I follow my own advice, I offer better, more precise and more powerful readings than if I don’t. It’s all a matter of finding which actions makes you more powerful.

Soon, you’ll be better than ever at your craft. While you may have a natural gift, you’ve also been gifted with many opportunities to hone and enhance your skills. When you take advantage of all that’s available to you, you can be better than you ever imagined at predicting and influencing people’s lives.

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