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8 Tips For Manifesting Your Desires Quicker

8 Tips For Manifesting Your Desires Quicker

Our lives aren’t out of control, even when they seem to be. We have power over our destinies – or at least to some degree. If things aren’t going your way, don’t just sit on your hands and hope for the best. You may be able to reach your goals quicker and easier than you ever imagined through a technique called manifesting.

Not sure what manifesting is? It’s using your positive thoughts and actions to make something happen. Some people call it the law of attraction. Others simply call it getting what you want. Whatever term you prefer, manifesting is real, and it works for lots of people. There’s no reason it can’t work for you.

Keep reading for 8 smart tips on manifesting your desires quickly.

1. Be clear and specific about what you want.

The universe can't fulfill your wishes and desires if your mind is muddled. To quickly reach your goals, you must get clear about what you want. Don't strive for a vague goal like a better life. Instead, work toward a specific one like a new job in the city, $100 a week extra income, or a relationship by the end of the year. Your goal could be to lose 50 pounds or to lower your blood pressure by 10 points. By focusing on specific, meaningful goals, you'll be better equipped to align your thoughts and actions, enabling the universe to support your manifestation journey.

2. See things before they exist.

Before you can manifest something, it starts as a thought. So you must see yourself at the finish line before you start the race. You must live, breathe, feel, taste and smell your desire with every fiber of your soul. Act as though you're already standing on the mountaintop, even if you're just starting to climb. Know that your deepest desires are waiting for you at the summit of your journey. Just as an Olympic champion must smell the sweet fragrance of victory, hear the thunderous crowd roar and feel the weight of the gold medal in their hands while training, you must have the mind of a champion. You must visualize the glorious victory, know that the gold is there and allow your imagination to wander. To manifest your desires, you must have an unshakeable belief that life's true treasure awaits you, even if it’s not yet within reach.

3. Don't recklessly share your goals.

Contrary to what some may advise, don’t share your goals with others – not with the wrong ones, at least. It’s spiritually and scientifically proven that people who share their goals are less likely to succeed in reaching them. Sure, it's OK to explain your desires to your most trusted allies, but make sure you can really trust them and that they’re not secretly wolves in sheep's clothing. In most of our lives, there’s at least one Judas: a person you think is in your corner but is actually sending you poisoned arrows. If there are enough people secretly hating or doubting you, this can stop or slow down your progress. That’s why it’s a good idea to restrict both the number of people and the manner in which you share your goals.

4. Do something.

It's a mistake to set a clear intention, share it, and then do nothing else. Take action toward your goal. You won't get a job if you don't apply, and you can't lose weight without making some positive changes in your eating and exercise habits. You may find it useful to create a vision board (a poster or bulletin board with images of what you want) or you may relate better to journaling about your goal. Whatever you do, do something. Good things may come to those who wait, but you shouldn't just be idle or lazy while you're waiting.

5. Create the space.

Make sure your life has the physical, mental and emotional space for what you want. Desiring and trying to manifest a car probably won't work if you live in a New York City high-rise and don't have a parking place. You may not find the job you need to re-enter the workforce if you're overworked taking care of your spouse or relatives. Throw out stuff to make room in your closet for the new clothes you're manifesting. And don't look for a new romantic relationship while you're still toying with the old guy or gal. Find the stagnant energy that's blocking your space and clear it away however you can.

6. Be open.

Even when you do everything right on your pathway toward manifesting your desires, you may not get exactly what you want. However, it's important to stay open to what comes your way. The universe has a curious way of delivering what we need instead of what we want. So reflect on whether the help, situations and opportunities that arise in your life could be valuable alternatives to what you initially sought. Embrace gratitude, as it attracts positivity into your life. Make it a habit to go to sleep each night thinking about what you're grateful for – even if it isn't precisely what you asked for. This mindset will help you recognize and appreciate the unexpected blessings that come your way.

7. Enjoy the moment.

Whether you consider the journey toward manifesting your dreams and desires drudgery or fun, there's a potential pitfall with manifesting: You can use all your energy looking forward to things that you want to happen without enjoying the present. Even if you don't have everything you want and your life situations are imperfect, you can still find moments of joy where you are. Relax, enjoy some ice cream, the beautiful view, the day off, the light traffic or whatever is happening right now. When you can find a way to be happy with what you have, you'll enjoy the positive things of the future even more.

8. Get some guidance.

In addition to a clear idea of what you want, you may need to seek people to hold you accountable, and you'll want some advice along your path. That might come from your mother, your father, your sister, a minister, a trusted friend or a psychic adviser. When you choose to consult with a powerful spiritual guide – someone who is in your corner no matter the situation – you benefit from their unique insights into the future, their own life experiences and what they've learned from helping others navigate the forever winding river of life. Wherever you turn for advice, get some. You don't have to travel the path toward manifesting your desires alone.

A Final Thought

At times, we find ourselves entangled in challenging circumstances that appear inescapable. Or we may lack the things we desire. Manifestation can be a powerful tool for change.

In many of life’s situations, you can harness the power of manifestation to elevate your life. Accelerate the realization of your desires by embracing clarity, openness and proactivity. You deserve the best, so why not utilize these techniques to attract what you truly desire?

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