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2021 Prophecies by Master Psychic Rachel

2021 Prophecies by Master Psychic Rachel

In the past, I have always avoided stating my prophecies for the year. But with COVID-19 and civil unrest dominating the headlines, I feel that when no one was looking, we all missed key warning signs. I vow that moving forward I will share my views – predictions for the world and about global conditions that may or may not have a personal impact on your life.

To best prepare you for the year ahead, I must say what I see and feel.

I know the power in my words. I know that when you put things out in the universe, it can help things happen. Please understand that I am not hoping for all of these things to happen. In fact, I hope that most of what I tell you will not materialize. But I must present my visions for 2021, what I have seen in my dreams and my mind’s eye – the mysterious thoughts that tumble in my head and insist on being expressed.

My purpose is not to scare you, but to prepare you for what 2021 could bring. If you are particularly sensitive to my psychic opinion and my visions, you may not want to read any further. What I am about to tell you for 2021 is perhaps among the most shocking predictions you will see about the new year. But take heart: Hope is hiding, but it is not missing.

1. COVID-19 will get worse and health systems will collapse.

It will get worse before it gets better. More systems will fail, people will be on the streets, begging for mercy, many will be turned away. And despite the broken system, the spoiled ones still won't listen.

2. Biden’s life will end or diminish, and Kamala Harris will step up.

A mighty empire will be left without a monarch and a biracial Queen will interpose to mend. The kingdom will regain its vigor and harmony will be restored.

3. A new virus will come, 10 times more contagious and deadly.

Technology will advance, but so will the viruses. Our new world will be that of many strains, confining us more than ever into our dwellings. This is the prelude to the most severe threat yet, Strain X.

4. UFO sighting will confound a divided world.

There will be three objects illuminating the heavens, moving at the speed of light. Many will see them from afar, few will know what they are. It will be the greatest mystery of 2021.

5. COVID-19 will remain our constant companion.

You can run, you can hide, but it is only a question of time. This virus came to abide, not to subside.

6. A great hack will take over our country and devices.

Firewalls will crumble and theft will creep up your window blinds. The terror will begin from inside our hideaways and deadlock this great nation.

7. Technology will push away psychics, becoming our unwelcome adviser.

They will continue to listen through our devices. They will know what we think before we feel it. A thought never spoken will appear upon our screens. They will know you more than you know yourself. AI will become more psychic than the psychic.

8. A great nation will have a devastating blackout.

The absence of light will exist for longer than ever. They said “let there be light”, true enough, but all power is, at best, futile. The darkness comes as a warning sign of worse times to come for a great dominion.

9. Extreme weather will hit the Western world.

Great snowy winds will sweep across the most powerful of dominions. You will know of no bald eagles flying across the sky or lions hunting. Not even the oceans of the south will be spared. And that is when you will know, winter is undefeated.

10. A deadly attack upon innocent people will mar another calendar day.

A black day will be marked in history as it witnesses brutality on innocents yet again – on a new day. The whole world will be in tears – yet again.

11. A righteous new nation will emerge from the current void.

An old power with new hope is on the verge of bringing fresh light to humanity. Its system will teach us how to slay the new dragon and slay him boldly.

12. Two hurting sides will take to the streets of America.

The great nation will experience the wrath of its own, a battle between the right and the left. Force from within will be used to disperse the fighters, denting again the history of humankind.

13. A big female pop star will pass unexpectedly.

The people’s queen will pass unexpectedly from this realm, encased in metal and flames.

She will be clothed in red, purple and gold. Her work will contain images of snakes prior to the tragedy, but she will not heed the warning of their venom.

14. Big tech companies will fight the government and lose.

The giants sit above the clouds, listening to their magic harps and hoarding golden eggs. Now that Jack has climbed the beanstalk and learned their secrets, their time has come. One by one, the great, greedy beasts will fall to earth.

15. A storm will take its toll on a vulnerable locale.

Mother nature will speak with a great flood, and she will come with no justice. All material pleasures she will take along with her, and those in the way will know their debt is paid.

16. An earthquake or explosion will shake a coastal city.

In the land of the sun, the earth will heave, and man’s metal masterpiece will unexpectedly fall. This city will know destruction like no other, but this time fire will not eat the wilderness. Rather it will be wild on people and property. The earth will shake and the explosion will cause damage beyond amends.

17. Elsewhere, famine will shorten more lives.

Public outrage is the strongest force against the establishment. The degree of hunger driving people out onto streets cannot be imagined. Unheard pleading will turn into roars of anger. Perceived limited resources and deprivation will be the reason.

18. Money will no longer be taken for granted.

It is through loss people have understood money’s value. More and more individuals will invest and will seldom waste hard-earned money. The world will value its artificial currency and keep it hidden.

19. Events one after another will seem like the end of time.

Time will be pulled through the world like a thread from a garment and each lost stitch will build on the last: clouds of insects will ravage the land, birds will fall from the sky, fish will gasp and die by the thousands and the ocean will wear a film of blood, slick like oil.

20. The United States will feebly attempt to right economic wrongs.

The great nation will do what it can. New jobs will be created, giving people hope. Unemployment may rise, but it will also fall toward the end of the year. Relief will be on its way, calmness will ensue after the damage done by the tyrant. The people will be better taken care of.

21. Dark times will lead to overwhelming hope.

There is no value in light without darkness. There is no realization of good without bad. Even though we will continue to see so much going wrong, the hope of better days cannot, will not die. As the calamities that cloud the future for a season begin to settle, unimaginable hope shines like the sun – is the sun – on the horizon.

A Final Note

For many, I believe 2021 will seem like a year when hope is dying, when good is losing. But hope cannot die. Humanity has existed on this planet for much longer than scientists understand, and it will continue to flourish here despite ebbs and flows. This planet is made from us and made for us, and it’s ours now and forever.

So take hope with you. Momentary despair allows the prosperity and excitement of the good times to be felt so much more deeply. That is the hope I see rising in 2021.

Master Psychic Rachel

Don't Live Life In The Dark...

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