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It Came To Pass: Read About My 2021 Predictions That Came True

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Last January, I was very apprehensive about doing my 2021 predictions. I hoped that most of them would not come true, but a lot of them did. Even my daughter was shocked when she first read my 2021 prophecies. “Mommy, you have to watch what you say,” she said. But I tried to explain to her that I wasn’t hoping to manifest these things into existence but to express what I saw. Now, I'm debating with myself whether to do 2022 predictions. It was pretty scary, as you will see, how accurate my prophecies for last year were. If you want me to do 2022 predictions, let me know. Send me an email or text me. It may help encourage me. Today, let's go through ALL my 2021 predictions – there were 21 of them -- and see how I did. I’m providing links to articles showing that what I said came to pass in most cases. So here we go. (The lines in bold are my 2021 predictions. The regular text is the explanation I offered in January 2021. The text in italics is new.) 1. COVID-19 will get worse and health systems will collapse. It will get worse before it gets better. More systems will fail, people will be on the streets, begging for mercy, many will be turned away. And despite the broken system, the spoiled ones still won’t listen. The U.S. healthcare system may not have fully collapsed yet, but it’s still in a wobbly situation. It’s on the brink of failing with the highest number of infections to date happening recently. The pandemic has put a strain on many other countries whose healthcare systems are hanging on by a weak thread. ‘This is about total collapse of the health care system if we have another spike’ of Covid-19 - CNN 2. Biden’s life will end or diminish, and Kamala Harris will step up. A mighty empire will be left without a monarch and a biracial Queen will interpose to mend. The kingdom will regain its vigor and harmony will be restored. Thank GOD President Biden is still alive and kicking, but Kamala Harris became the first female President of the United States for 85 minutes during Biden’s routine colonoscopy. Kamala Harris became first woman with presidential power while Biden was under anesthesia for routine colonoscopy - CNNPolitics 3. A new virus will come, 10 times more contagious and deadly. Technology will advance, but so will the viruses. Our new world will be that of many strains, confining us more than ever into our dwellings. This is the prelude to the most severe threat yet, Strain X. Back in February, Dr. Anthony Fauci mentioned the existence of X-Men-like virus mutants, referring to new deadly strains of COVID-19. This went viral as an X-men meme. In light of the highly contagious Omicron variant, the second most contagious disease in the world next to measles, this prediction is scarily accurate. The Internet Turns Fauci Presser Into Hilarious Viral X-Men Meme 4. UFO sighting will confound a divided world. There will be three objects illuminating the heavens, moving at the speed of light. Many will see them from afar, few will know what they are. It will be the greatest mystery of 2021. Back in April, it was confirmed by the U.S. government that UFOs are real. Three unidentified flying objects were seen flying off the coast of San Diego. Pentagon confirms recently released video of pyramid-shaped UFOs near San Diego is authentic 5. COVID-19 will remain our constant companion. You can run, you can hide, but it is only a question of time. This virus came to abide, not to subside. Although I believe that the virus will subside once people have either been vaccinated or infected, it doesn’t look like the virus is going away anytime soon. Years down the road it may not be as severe as it is now, but it is yet to be seen if the virus will be with us forever. Opinion | Covid Isn’t Going Away. So What Now? - The New York Times 6. A great hack will take over our country and devices. Firewalls will crumble and theft will creep up your window blinds. The terror will begin from inside our hideaways and deadlock this great nation. There were several major hacks in 2021. Not all of our devices were hijacked, but our gas pipelines on the East Coast of the U.S., for example, were held for ransom, causing long lines at gas stations for days and even some stations running out of gas. It was a nightmare for those of us who experienced it, and I believe this is just a prelude to what’s to come. Colonial Pipeline Hack Reveals Weaknesses in US Cybersecurity - The New York Times 7. Technology will push away psychics, becoming our unwelcome adviser. They will continue to listen through our devices. They will know what we think before we feel it. A thought never spoken will appear upon our screens. They will know you more than you know yourself. AI will become more psychic than the psychic. Psychics are still here, thank goodness, and we haven’t lost our jobs to technology yet. But have you noticed over the past year how we can just be thinking of something or talking to someone about something, then go on our phones and see an article, app or product reflecting our innermost thoughts and private conversations? I’ve noticed this more in 2021 than ever, haven’t you? 8. A great nation will have a devastating blackout. The absence of light will exist for longer than ever. They said “let there be light”, true enough, but all power is, at best, futile. The darkness comes as a warning sign of worse times to come for a great dominion. Back in January 2021, Pakistan was hit with a nationwide blackout that left over 200 million people without power. Pakistan hit by nationwide blackout - BNO News 9. Extreme weather will hit the Western world. Great snowy winds will sweep across the most powerful of dominions. You will know of no bald eagles flying across the sky or lions hunting. Not even the oceans of the south will be spared. And that is when you will know, winter is undefeated. Texas, a normally warm southern U.S. state, was not only hit with one of the most devastating blackouts in U.S. history, but it was also hit with one of the worst winter storms ever. The storm caused power outages that left millions in the cold for days. Texas’s Winter Storm Killed Hundreds More Than Reported 10. A deadly attack upon innocent people will mar another calendar day. A black day will be marked in history as it witnesses brutality on innocents yet again – on a new day. The whole world will be in tears – yet again. Despite crime going down slightly at the beginning of the pandemic, it did not seem to stop a number of deadly mass shootings on U.S. soil. There were too many incidents to describe, but here’s a list of all the mass shootings in 2021 that shook the nation. List of mass shootings in the United States in 2021 - Wikipedia 11. A righteous new nation will emerge from the current void. An old power with new hope is on the verge of bringing fresh light to humanity. Its system will teach us how to slay the new dragon and slay him boldly. Australia clearly had the secret sauce to keeping their citizens free from COVID-19 with their strict lockdowns. Couldn’t they teach the rest of the world something we don’t know? Australia almost eliminated the coronavirus by putting faith in science - The Washington Post 12. Two hurting sides will take to the streets of America. The great nation will experience the wrath of its own, a battle between the right and the left. Force from within will be used to disperse the fighters, denting again the history of humankind. I believe the two hurting sides are the vaccine advocates and the anti-vaxxers. There seems to be a war between the two which isn’t over yet. I feel this conflict may ultimately pour into the streets. Hiltzik: The anti-vax movement gets scary - Los Angeles Times 13. A big female pop star will pass unexpectedly. The people’s queen will pass unexpectedly from this realm, encased in metal and flames. She will be clothed in red, purple and gold. Her work will contain images of snakes prior to the tragedy, but she will not heed the warning of their venom. This was kind of creepy. Back in January 2021, Grammy award-winning Sophie Xeon, queen of the transgender electronic pop music scene, died unexpectedly. On her album cover, she had red, purple, gold and a reptilian-type leg. Sophie dies in ‘terrible accident’; Grammy nominee was 34 14. Big tech companies will fight the government and lose. The giants sit above the clouds, listening to their magic harps and hoarding golden eggs. Now that Jack has climbed the beanstalk and learned their secrets, their time has come. One by one, the great, greedy beasts will fall to earth. This one has not come to pass yet, but I see this being an issue in years to come. Keep an eye out for this issue because I feel privacy and access to our personal data becoming more and more of an issue. 15. A storm will take its toll on a vulnerable locale. Mother nature will speak with a great flood, and she will come with no justice. All material pleasures she will take along with her, and those in the way will know their debt is paid. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania had historic flooding back in the fall. Hurricane Ida left devastation along its path of vulnerable areas. 14 dead in New York region amid ‘historic’ flooding caused by Ida remnants | New York | The Guardian 16. An earthquake or explosion will shake a coastal city. In the land of the sun, the earth will heave, and man’s metal masterpiece will unexpectedly fall. This city will know destruction like no other, but this time fire will not eat the wilderness. Rather it will be wild on people and property. The earth will shake and the explosion will cause damage beyond amends. This really creeped me out too. A metal masterpiece in a coastal city came tumbling down. Body found in rubble after Florida building collapse as death toll rises to 5; 156 unaccounted for 17. Elsewhere, famine will shorten more lives. Public outrage is the strongest force against the establishment. The degree of hunger driving people out onto streets cannot be imagined. Unheard pleading will turn into roars of anger. Perceived limited resources and deprivation will be the reason. In this part of the world people may not have been in the streets pleading for food, but President Biden saw such a severe need for help that he gave 30 million American households a boost in food stamps, thank GOD. Otherwise, this could have turned out really ugly. Biden’s food-stamp boost comes as 30 million U.S. households go hungry - CBS News 18. Money will no longer be taken for granted. It is through loss people have understood money’s value. More and more individuals will invest and will seldom waste hard-earned money. The world will value its artificial currency and keep it hidden. Cryptocurrency had a breakthrough in 2021. I know personally I tripled my pocket change to three times its value with Ethereum. I predict that cryptocurrency will continue to rise as more and more people see its value. Future Of Cryptocurrency in 2021 and Beyond | NextAdvisor with TIME 19. Events one after another will seem like the end of time. Time will be pulled through the world like a thread from a garment and each lost stitch will build on the last: clouds of insects will ravage the land, birds will fall from the sky, fish will gasp and die by the thousands and the ocean will wear a film of blood, slick like oil. It’s not the end of days just yet, but back in the spring, millions of cicadas did come out in Georgia and other states. Brood X: Georgia among states to see billions of cicadas this spring – WSB-TV Channel 2 - Atlanta 20. The United States will feebly attempt to right economic wrongs. The great nation will do what it can. New jobs will be created, giving people hope. Unemployment may rise, but it will also fall toward the end of the year. Relief will be on its way, calmness will ensue after the damage done by the tyrant. The people will be better taken care of. We are not all the way there, but jobs have picked up and the unemployment rate has dropped. We still have a long way to go as millions of Americans have not returned to work, but there is surely hope to come. U.S. job growth picks up in October; unemployment rate falls to 4.6% | Reuters 21. Dark times will lead to overwhelming hope. There is no value in light without darkness. There is no realization of good without bad. Even though we will continue to see so much going wrong, the hope of better days cannot, will not die. As the calamities that cloud the future for a season begin to settle, unimaginable hope shines like the sun – is the sun – on the horizon. We made it through the worst of the pandemic, thank GOD. This has been a trying year for a lot of us who have lost loved ones. I lost three family members in the first month of 2021. It was rough indeed, but I’m still here and feel blessed to make it to another year. I hope if you are able to read this, you are feeling blessed too. While not all my predictions have come to pass, many of my prophecies did come true in one way or another. I hope to always be your eyes when you cannot see and warn you of what’s ahead. I may not always be 100% right with my predictions for you, but as most of my clients know, that most of what I do say does come to pass. So as I hope and pray for the good things to happen, I also try my best to wish away any negativity that I see coming into your life. I’m just a few taps away for all reading types, plus I will be doing 12-month readings for those who are interested in a yearly forecast. Expect more updates coming soon, so keep your eyes open for those. On a final note, please hang in there, stay strong, stay safe and stay blessed. We’ve made it this far, and we have a lot to look forward to in 2022. I hope as your spiritual advisor I can continue to guide you to your heart’s desires. Have a happy new year!

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