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Why Your Psychic (Probably) Can’t Give You The Winning Powerball Lottery Numbers

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Why Your Psychic (Probably) Can’t Give You The Winning Powerball Lottery Numbers

It seems simple enough: if a psychic can really predict the future, why not predict the lottery numbers for their clients -- or at least for themselves? But it’s not that simple. Most of life’s choices involve yes, no, left, right, up or down. They don’t involve dozens of numbers and millions of combinations. Even the best psychics in the world don’t have powers strong enough to pick one outcome from among the millions that they see.

But that doesn’t mean a psychic isn’t interested in helping you with the lottery. We can tell you lucky numbers to play over time, the best times to play and let you know if you have the potential to be a lottery winner. But I think with any kind of lottery, it’s about so much more than just having the right numbers. If it’s your time, you’ll win. If it’s not, then you’ll forget to play those winning numbers, lose the ticket or somehow keep yourself from winning. You can’t mess with the system.

You may know that on January 13, 2016, the Powerball, an American lottery game played in almost every state, will have a jackpot of well over $1 billion dollars. Because this is one of the largest jackpots of all time, I’m being asked for the winning numbers pretty often. I’m a psychic and I’m supposed to know, right? Wrong! If that were possible, all psychics would be rich.

With a lottery this big, the possibilities are infinite -- and lottery officials know that. Predicting the outcome is almost impossible, and that’s why lotteries take in much more than they give out from thousands or even millions of people.

A One-In-A-Million Chance Of Being Right

I do have a little story about the lottery though -- followed by some useful advice.

When I was about 10 years old, my mother asked me for the winning numbers for one of the big lotteries of the day. I remember my mom giving me one of those red tickets with the little boxes you had to fill in. She played my choices that night, but we didn’t win.

The next day I remember asking my mom if she was going to play my numbers again, almost begging her to do it. Brushing me off, she said yes. She didn’t. Well the numbers I had chose hit that night for 8 million dollars. I remember mom was cussing up a storm telling me how she should have listened to me and how stupid she was. I will never forget it, and to this day my mom tells this story every time a big lottery like this one comes around.

So does that mean I can predict the numbers after all? I believe that may have been my one-in-a-million chance -- and my mom surely won't let me forget it. Thinking back, that was one of many moments that confirmed my psychic abilities, but I was too young to understand it at the time.

As psychics, we aren’t mystical beings who are all-knowing and all-seeing. We are simply human. But we can still provide a lot to our clients that’s way more valuable then winning numbers. Usually, what I provide is assurance and peace of mind.

And if it’s meant to be for you to win the lottery, you’ll win -- whether you buy one ticket or 100. If the universe wants you to win, you’ll win.

Perhaps You Have All You Need Right Now

A billion dollars could solve a lot of your problems, I’m sure, but the chances are better of you getting struck by lightning or eaten by a shark than winning the upcoming Powerball drawing. And keep in mind that many lottery winners are still deeply unhappy. Money won’t solve everything.

Maybe it’s time to reflect on what you have. It’s more than many people around the world have. And if you want, go ahead and play. You’re a winner no matter what.

Here are a few quick tips that I think will help you with the lottery:

1. Play the quick-pick option. As many as 80 percent of winners win this way.

2. If you choose your own, choose numbers that mean something to you. Play birthdates, important dates in your life or previously lucky numbers.

3. Limit yourself to a few tickets. Set aside a small allowance of what you can afford and know your limits. It’s a game just like a pinball machine. Play only for the fun of it.

4. Watch for important numbers throughout life. Look around and see what numbers pop out at you, write them down, play them if they keep popping up every where you go, that could be a clear sign.

5. Remember the story. When you win, have a good story to tell. Life’s about the stories, and every winner has a good story to tell. What will yours be?

Good luck with everything. I am sending you all my blessings and if you do win, please don't forget about the little people, hint hint, lol : )

Master Psychic Rachel

Don't Live Life In The Dark

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