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When a Psychic F*&%k’s Up!

Psychic falls during psychic reading session

Believe it or not, psychics f*&%k up, and yes, even powerful Master Psychics mess up from time to time. It's an unfortunate part of our journey, and getting a prediction wrong is one of our greatest tragedies. We're not paid to be wrong, and our entire careers hinge on providing accurate predictions with precise timings.

But occasionally – in my case, about 5% of the time – predictions go awry. No matter how much we wish for positive outcomes, sometimes the universe has different plans or reminds us that we're not all-seeing and all-knowing and there's only one higher power.

Every so often, that realization hits us as a friendly reminder from above, letting us know that we are unique individuals, and no matter how hard we try, we're still human.

Being a powerful Master Psychic can sometimes lead to feelings of almost god-like abilities, but the real God reminds us of our humanity now and then – and that we’re unmistakably flawed.

It's always tough to accept this reality when it comes to light, but it's the truth. Like with many things in life, our mistakes can lead to greatness, even if it means occasionally letting down a client unintentionally. To reach mastery levels, one must make many mistakes, and though they are rare and few, they still happen to me to this day. About 5% of what I tell a client doesn’t come to pass, and 5% of my clients come back and say, "Rachel, you were wrong."

Most of my long-term clients who have been with me for years don't even notice or acknowledge these mistakes because I've made countless more profound predictions for them. They probably dismiss them far more quickly than I ever will. However, there are others whom I know I've let down, and that always stings.

As a Master Psychic, it's never my intention to be wrong. I am a Master Psychic because I have been predominantly accurate, but mistakes happen, unfortunately. I want to bring this to your attention before you get a reading with a psychic thinking they are infallible because they are not.

So, what can cause a great psychic to stumble? Here are the top 5 reasons even the best sometimes encounter difficulties.

Human Error: Sometimes, we simply make mistakes; we are, after all, only human. Psychics have good and bad days too. We can have weeks or months of flawless predictions when everything aligns perfectly, and then suddenly, we stumble. When it happens, it's never intentional. Sometimes it's just a roll of the dice, and things don't unfold as we'd like. It's a stark reminder that we are human, even though both we and our clients sometimes forget it. A good psychic will admit when they are wrong, learn from their mistakes and strive to do better next time. It's all part of the human experience and a reminder that no one, whether human or bot, is perfect. It's a part of life, and hopefully, our clients will understand and recognize our genuine intentions.

External Factors: Interacting with multiple psychics can interfere with your energy fields. Some may misconstrue a psychic's recommendation to "choose one" as jealousy, but the more people who are involved in your spiritual journey, the murkier the waters can become. Just as you wouldn't let any random hairdresser touch your hair, you should be cautious about letting any psychic tamper with your spiritual energy. When a major prediction goes awry, it's often because the client's energy has been influenced by too many individuals, clouding the situation. It's not necessarily a matter of one psychic being right and another being wrong. It's more about the unpredictable impact other psychics have on your energy and the universe. When we make predictions, we often send positive energy to shape the outcomes in a desirable direction. But if other psychics are also involved, it can cause a geomagnetic disturbance that disrupts predictions, whether you believe it or not. Just as in life, it's best to keep personal matters private; the same principle applies when working with psychics—limit the number of psychics involved to let their magic work with clarity, unobstructed by the interference of others.

Personal Energy: You are the captain of your own ship, and psychics are merely lighthouses guiding you through the night, here to help you navigate safely. If you're highly emotional, resistant to following the suggestions your psychic provides or if you think you already have all the answers, it can disrupt predictions. Much of how the universe responds to you is a reflection of the energy you project into it. If you're overly emotional, skeptical or always convinced you know the answers before consulting a psychic, then regardless of what the psychic says, the universe may align with your beliefs, not ours. Even the most accurate predictions can't manifest if you doubt them. If we predict something and you firmly believe it won't happen, your doubt can override what we see. Your skepticism can shift everything in the direction you expect instead of what we foresee.

Universal Protections: Sometimes, regardless of what we foresee, the universe intervenes to protect you. It doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong; the universe may have a different path for you. When predictions repeatedly fail, it could signify that it's time to take a different route. This may not be the path you desire, but the universe has something better in store for you if you change directions. It can be a painful realization but also a blessing in disguise. A good psychic will try to guide you in another direction, like a reliable GPS system. Whether you choose to follow that path or stay your course ultimately depends on you. Don't always view a failed prediction as a negative outcome. It's the universe's subtle or bold way of telling you it's time to change course because sticking to your current path may lead to challenges ahead.

Mismatched Vibrational Frequencies: Sometimes, despite your appreciation for a psychic, your energies may not align. Just because a psychic's predictions don't match your desires doesn't necessarily mean that psychic is inadequate. It could indicate that the psychic's energy simply doesn't resonate with yours. It’s similar to when you visit a restaurant and don't enjoy the food while someone else may love it. It doesn't mean the restaurant is bad; it simply doesn't cater to your taste. Similarly, finding a good psychic is like finding a life partner. They may not be perfect, but there's a connection. You know they have your best interests at heart, and you understand that occasional mistakes may happen. Overall, the connection feels right, but if it doesn't, it might be time to seek someone whose energy aligns better with yours.

So what should you do if a psychic makes a prediction that doesn't come true? Keep in mind that establishing a strong psychic connection can take several readings and time to develop. Over the months or years that you work with your psychic, they get to know you, your patterns and your energies. They study you and the people and opportunities around you intensely.

Give your psychic a chance if you feel their intentions are good and most of their predictions have come to pass. Occasional mistakes are part of human nature, something beyond our control. Even the most advanced technologies and bots can fail from time to time. Nothing is perfect. If you go into a psychic reading expecting perfection, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. However, if you approach a psychic reading with an open mind, exploring new perspectives without letting them cloud your own, you may experience something truly magical.

But if you sense that the connection is off, the psychic is taking advantage of you or they're consistently wrong, it might be time to seek out another psychic without hesitation.

In those rare instances when I'm wrong, I understand your disbelief and frustration. It can be challenging when things don't unfold as predicted. But please remember that my insights and guidance are based on the energies and possibilities present at the time of the reading, and nothing is set in stone.

Human error, external factors, your energy, universal protections and offset energies can easily shift predictions off course. Even the greatest psychics can make mistakes, influenced by a myriad of spiritual and external factors beyond our control.

I can't speak for all psychics, but my intention is always to support and empower you on this journey we call life, including suggesting different approaches until we achieve the desired outcome. If you can understand my perspective, I can assist you moving forward. Over time, you'll discover the magic of having a spiritual guide by your side, illuminating the darkness and being your eyes when you can't see, always having your back and best interests at heart.

And if I've ever been off on a major prediction, please let me know, and I'm more than happy to offer you a 50% discount on your next reading to reevaluate the situation.


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Expires: 12/10/23

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