The Pros & Cons Of Being Psychic

The Pros And Cons Of Being Psychic I've always said that being psychic is both a blessing and a curse. It can be like eating the nectar from the sweetest, juiciest fruit. Just don't rub your eyes with those citrusy fingers. That sweet, succulent fruit is also an acid and that can burn and sting. Have you ever considered that being a psychic has both pros and cons? When people find out I’m psychic, they’re quick to tell me how lucky I am. And yes, I’m blessed. However, with every silver lining comes with its own cloud. I never expected my life to go this way. I didn’t choose to be psychic, but it – or I like to say, God – chose me. Through the years, I’ve come to embrace this God-given gift, but I must say, it's not always all it’s cracked up to be. Here are a few comments and examples that help you see how being a psychic is sometimes great and sometimes not so great. Can you relate? • One of the pros of being a psychic is that, in the rare moment when I let it slip out and people find out that I’m psychic, many people immediately treat me like I’m some sort of psychic rock star. They act like they’ve met the psychic version of Michael Jackson or Beyonce. The love is in abundance, and I’m always surprised how many people believe in psychics or have had some sort of paranormal experience. Their eyes immediately light up, and they begin sharing their personal stories and paranormal experiences. They treat me like a rare and precious stone or a respected oddity, and it’s a great and humbly feeling. • But in some cases, when someone finds out I’m a psychic, they extend their arm out and thrust their palm into my face. They tell me they want me to read them on the spot. They don’t care if people are around or if I’m already busy. They just assume that my psychic abilities should snap on like a light bulb – and that is not always the case. • Once, I was with my boyfriend while he was at the hairdresser. He told the hairdresser that I’m a psychic. She was like, "You were reading me, weren't you? You know something, don't you?" I looked at her bewildered and simply said no. I didn’t mean to sound rude, but it was the truth. I ended up feeling bad and gave her a little reading. Sure, we often can turn on our abilities like a light bulb, but sometimes we don't want to – especially if we're trying to relax and step away from the psychicness for a few hours. • Being psychic, we get to meet some of the coolest people on the planet and talk with people from all walks of life. We get to hear the most exciting stories and help some of the most amazing people. No day is ever the same. There’s always something new and exciting to discover. • Helping others keeps us energized – so much that it can be hard to shut our psychicness off. When we do shut it off, it’s sometimes like we just want to be left alone to clear our minds and meditate in silence. And because we work so hard helping others, often our own personal relationships and friendships may be neglected. We may come off as a bad friend because we don’t stay in contact as we should with the people around us. We aren’t usually ones to get involved in small talk, drama or negativity either, conserving our energy when we aren’t in psychic mode so that we’re at our highest frequencies when we are. • I often have family members who try to go off on me because they feel that I am intentionally ignoring them. In fact, I just get sidetracked with work because it can be so time-consuming and intense. And I don't want to engage in family drama anyway. • People can misunderstand psychics in some funny ways. I remember having these neighbors who were trying to get close to me, and from time to time, I would chit chat with them. Sometimes, I would have to excuse myself to talk to a client. Until I told my neighbors what I did, they assumed I was an escort. I was shocked. But OK, I guess maybe it did sound like that. I didn't think so. But it can be hard for psychics to have friendships outside the psychic world because people may have a hard time understanding our ways. • Being psychic, we dream in the day and the night. Some people call it having visions. The pineal gland controls psychic abilities, and it also controls melatonin – that is, sleep. To tap into my psychic abilities, I have to activate this gland during readings to awaken psychic abilities. These visions can be bold and beautiful, and help guide me and others in many ways. It's an important part of my gift. But these visions can make everyday life strange and hard sometimes. • But a bad dream or vision can haunt us. I remember one time having a dream about a car accident. I was scared to drive that day, but I did. In a store parking lot – as I was driving carefully – this person pulled out in front of me and almost hit my car. Luckily, I was already on high alert and was able to slam on the breaks. The other driver surely wasn't on high alert. Right then, I saw how a simple grocery store parking lot could have caused a lot of damage or maybe even injury. My dream was meant to protect me. But I can't always say that a bad dream turns out well or even turns out at all. Having bad dreams can cause paranoia when you’re psychic, and always looking over your shoulder is no way to live. • If I didn't read people all day, I would be reading myself – examining my life under a microscope all the time. My work means that by the end of the day I’m exhausted. After so many readings, I’m not as likely to over-examine my life. I'm too tired to. I’m using my gift to help others, and although they may not know it, they’re helping me in exchange. Let me be clear: I wouldn't trade my psychic ability for anything. I’m very blessed and honored to have this gift. It took me many years to realize what it was. And during those dark days, the gift was hard to handle and understand. However, over time, I’ve learned to embrace my gift and turn it on and off at will. That means I’m not as severely affected by the downsides of my gift as when I was younger, but I still have my days. Being psychic can be a lovely or lonely place. It just depends on what you make of it. Everything has its pros and cons, doesn’t it?

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