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What is Mercury Retrograde?

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

What "Mercury Retrograde" is?

You may have heard a lot of friends say, "Oh, no - The mercury is about to retrograde again!" Well if you don't have much know how about astrology, then you must have wondered what they were talking about. Taking in account all planetary aspects, this one seems to garner the most attention from readers and develop their interest the most.

Mercury Retrograde is basically a phenomenon that occurs in a specific time duration which will extend from September 9th to October 1st 2022. During Mercury Retrograde it is said that the mercury seems to move backward through the zodiac. This phenomenon happens usually about three times in a year and its duration is about 21 days long. It's said that during this duration of time things can go mad so one should watch out and do things and take decisions more carefully than usual.

What typically happens during this duration?

During this duration you might find bizarre happenings not only with you but also with your surroundings. You will see that weird things are happening with you and as well as with things around you. It can be related to anything like: communication, technology, commerce, and travel issues etc.

Its effects may be obvious to some people but not everyone. Once you begin to pay attention to how events in your life change during these phases, you will soon see how important it is to take note of them.

What things should you avoid during this duration?

As bizarre things start to happen during this time, you might be thinking what one should do to stay safe from its effects and how to take precautionary measures to cancel out its effects as much as possible. Well it is mostly said that one should avoid taking big decisions during this time as they can cost you very much if you do so. Along with that you should also not fight with your loved ones as the fight may get intense causing a bad ending to your relationship.

You should also not make and serious commitments during this time as you may not be able to fulfill them due to the effects of Mercury retrograde. Last but not the least you should not make big purchases or travels as they can prove harmful to you. If you remain aware of the above mentioned things, then you may be able to avoid some or all the effects of it.

How to get through Mercury Retrograde?

You might be thinking how do you get through this duration. Well the easiest way to do so is to lay low, some people call this the hermit stage. You should step back a bit from things you were working on and be aware of what's exactly going on. Also if you don't want to sit back and want to work through this time then you should pay more attention and observe things carefully before taking any huge steps forward. Once you make sure that everything is right then simply go with the flow.

What you should do during this duration?

The final question that arouses in one's mind is that what one should do during this duration. The best answer to this particular question is that one should pursue unfinished projects and plans. On the other hand, it is a great time to relax and sit back in your home to reflect, reconnect and renew. In this way you can utilize this duration observing yourself and the things you were doing so that you can plan what to do next as soon as this period ends.

~Master Psychic Rachel~

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