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VR Readings Are Here (Plus End-Of-Summer Sales!)

"Virtual reality is the first step in a grand adventure into the landscape of the imagination." - From the book Communication in the Age of Virtual Reality

Hello My Angels, I hope you’re well and that life is treating you kindly. Please stay safe out there, and whether you’re vaccinated or not, please take care of yourself and others. I send you all my blessings and protection. I’m reaching out to you because you’re on my mailing list, but if at any time you’re ready to part ways with my newsletters, please feel free to unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the page. I would hate to see you go, but I never want to be a nuisance. Introducing VR Readings I’m excited to introduce you to a new service called VR Readings. These virtual reality psychic readings will be done through the Oculus Quest 2 VR System for an immersive experience. I was going to write a long, drawn-out email about this, but instead I decided to do a podcast to fully explain why I’m so excited about this new service. Two great things about these readings are that they are super fun and they’re more affordable than my other readings. If you would like more information about this new service, please check out my podcast or have a look at my services page. This is one of my most exciting new offerings in a long time. A Word About Legacy Client Pricing I want to tap into this topic really quickly and get it out of the way. Legacy clients are those who have been seeing me for many years and pay rock-bottom rates. You fit into this category if you come to see me consistently, whether it’s weekly, monthly or every couple of months. All VIP and Legacy clients are entitled to discounted readings with me. Still, if you go an extended time without seeing me, I may not be able to honor the same low rates that you were locked into before. VIP rates are based on how long you’ve been seeing me as well as how often. I know we all go through hardships, and I’m not mad at you for sometimes staying away a little while. I want you to know that I will always do my best to work with you by creating offers and services that fit most people's budgets. For example, my 20-minute express readings are $25, and my luck of the draw readings are only $35 and give you more bang for your buck because you may get up to 60 minutes with me. Sales And Social Ready for a deal? I’m running an End-Of-Summer Sale, so come check that out on my services pages. These sales are here today and may be gone tomorrow. If you see a deal that fits your budget, you can always order your reading right away and save it for later. Just let me know when you book your reading that you paid in advance. And lastly, please follow me on Instagram or Twitter. Y'all be really missing out on some juicy stuff when you don't follow me on there. You never know what to expect on my social media pages. Sometimes they’re entertaining and at other times mysteriously puzzling (even to me). I put exclusive sales there too. As always, thank you all for your time, and I hope to speak with you soon. Remember, if you have any questions for me, I’m just a few taps away. Stay safe, and stay blessed. Master Psychic Rachel Don't Live Life In The Dark...

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