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The Minimalist

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Hello my angels. This is master psychic Rachel, from and this is the master psychic journal podcast.

Before I begin the podcast, I just want to say Happy Mother's Day. I know it's the next day, it's 12:57am. And I'm so sorry for this late message. But I was trying to enjoy my mother's day as well, just like you all. And I just want to say, I hope you had a wonderful and blessed day and spent time with your loved ones and got spoiled all day.

You know, moms, we are always on the clock 24 seven, most of us probably didn't really get the rest that we needed on Mother's Day. But I just want you to know, keep doing your thing. And that's our day. And it's always a beautiful day, I hope for you as well.

So tonight, I want to talk about the minimalist.

And I think I am going to do this 30 day challenge at trying to be a minimalist.

Now, you may ask what is a minimalist? a minimalist is someone who lives or tries to live with less possessions and material things.

And for a lot of those people, it just gives them, you know, the freedom from the pressures of society, they can think and focus more clearly on what's important to them.

And what made me decide that I want to try this challenge this challenge that I'm kind of just like making up for myself, I did do a little research on YouTube. And there are people on there who have been doing the challenge for 30 days or 90 days, or who just live a minimalistic life.

So today on Mother's Day, my daughter and I, we went to the Red Rice Bowl, and we ate and then after that we went to books a million. And we're just like browsing through books and stuff like that not really looking for anything in particular. Well, I wasn’t. And my daughter, she handed me a book, it was called "Less: a visual guide to minimalism by Aust, Rachel."

So, I was skimming through the book you know okay yeah this is cute. And as I was scanning through it quickly. I just noticed there was a lot of good information and I could relate to what was being said in the book.

And in so many words. She was just describing like about the clutter in your home. And what you do need and what you don't need, and the decluttering your digital life, as well as your personal life, and I was like oh this is, this is pretty deep.

So I wanted to buy the book, but I decided to look online and I found it on eBay cheaper. So I hate to wait, I hate to wait, I'm going to order the book, and I will read the book, but from what I got, from what I got from it. I just felt like you know what I can resonate with it.

Because, like, there are things in my life that I really can't have, like overstimulation because I am a psychic. So I try not to like, I try to conserve my energy. I can't do too much in a day. Like I can't be running around all day, and then come back and read people all day, that that's just not going to work.

So I have to really, you know, I pick my days and my times where I do things, you know, like take the the kids to doctors, or go grocery shopping, or give me some self care. So I schedule those things into my week or month.

But I already feel like I live like a minimalist.

And what it seems like, from what I've done research on this very quickly today.

It's about not only decluttering your home, but your mind, your spirit, again your digital life, your diet your relationships, and you know I'm already doing the Ketos I'm not doing the 20 carbs a day I do about 100 or less.

And, I mean, I've been eating cleaner for a little while now, and you know I don't have, like, a lot of friends because of this, because of my psychicness like I have a lot of clients and thank God I have them because they give me that social interaction that I really appreciate.

But outside of them, I don't really have too many friends that I hang out with like that, I do have some, a few, like I said, three, to be exact. And I'm, you know I can't be too overwhelmed. I have to be very careful about the people that I have around me, the people that I have around me are such phenomenal forces that they keep me very grounded and strong. And they're very uplifting and, you know, they are very beneficial in my life, and I, me to them. I do hope so.

So also, um, you know I don't like too much clutter. I'm not saying I don't have any, I have closets that need to be clean too. So I'm not even going to sit here and act like, my closets are cleaner than yours because they're not.

But I’m like, before I go into my office, I have to always organize things and get, you know, declutter my desk and organize things in my office. But I noticed that when I do those deep declutter things, and those deep cleans, that everything just feel so spacious and open.

Because everything has energy, you know, and the more stuff you have around you, the more it could take away from your energy. So when you start eliminating things and decluttering things, then I feel like energy can flow much more easily, especially through the universe, the universal powers and the spirit and God.

So I already noticed that having a decluttered space allows me to be more powerful and think more clearly. So I just think what this challenge, I just want to go a little bit harder. And I'm going to keep you all posted on this.

There's a woman, an author, an influencer named Marie Kondo’s. And she's like this expert in decluttering. And she suggests that, like when you do declutter a room, I guess you should, you know, take it one step at a time, you should first organize your clothes, you know the pile that you want to keep, the pile that you want to donate, the pile that you got throw away.

Then organize your books, which that's going to be so hard for me, my books, oh my god, it's going to be so hard to part from my books. So I'm really going to have to see about that one. But you're supposed to organize and get rid of the books.

Like anything that doesn't make you feel like so elated and like fireworks are going off.

You shouldn't keep it should be thrown away.

Then you should go and declutter your papers. And then your miscellaneous stuff like maybe your beauty products, or old medicines, etc. And then your sentimental items.

So today I started with my, my master bedroom, the bathroom. And getting clothes to so I started putting some clothes in different piles. And yeah, so we're going to see how that goes. I'm going to keep you posted.

But this is master psychic Rachel. And if you're looking for a free or paid reading, please visit my website, www.MasterPsychicOnline. com. Don't live life in the dark….

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