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The Fools Card

Study the tarot cards with me. I will be putting up Tarot cards from time to time and first we will begin with the Major Arcana which consists of 22 cards.

The Fools Card begins the Major Arcana with the numeral 0 which can mean the beginning or the end. The fools card can be a very positive card when upright and depending on the questions asked.

When you study the Tarot, you want to look for symbolism and what it means to you. You do not have to go necessarily by what I say or anyone else for that matter, but what do you pick up from the fools card when you see it?

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Master Psychic Rachel
Master Psychic Rachel
13 mai 2019

@Brandy Wow!! Good descriptions, I agree with you 100% and could not have said it better myself. I use to think this was a bad card until deeper reflections, a very positive card if not reversed. Thanks for your insight, your interpretations makes a lot of sense.


Brandy B
Brandy B
08 mai 2019

Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

For me the fool is a new beginning, a innocence, faith, newness, willingness, and opportunity. This card shows going on a journey not knowing where it will lead but still excited about the adventure. Ready to take a leap without even looking. Happiness and innocence. Looking to the universe or God for guidance. Dressed in his best because he knows not where the journey is taking him but least amount of items with him. The least amount of items with him because he has no real baggage and leaving him free to pick new things as he travels. The cliff represents lead of faith. The dog is there as companion willing to take…

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