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Our Priorities Have Been Swept Out To Sea

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Our priorities have been swept out to sea

The sea is drowsy and lays down her head between storms. Hurricanes of the heart are resting too.

Now, we are merely grateful to be among the living and freshly refocused on what really matters in life – family, friends, love.

Like the water and trees and land we have been displaced and uprooted – but so have our stubborn beliefs and unrealistic expectations and this is a blessed thing!

Perhaps we took shelter in a structure that was more of a prison than a home, offering protection for the body, but not the soul. Now, when we rebuild, we can take care to start with a strong foundation of compassion and respect.

Perhaps we were blinded and confused by those who pretended to care. Now, fresh eyes (made clean by wind and water) see the truth. They can also see clearly the abundant nature of love. It’s everywhere!

Take a deep breath and get to work. Even the largest project starts with one hand, one shovel, one broom, one hammer, one heart, one gesture, one word of encouragement.

Humans are, in some important ways, indestructible.

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