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Oooooooh... Do it again: Seduce your Bad Boy

Oooooooh... Do it again: Seduce your Bad Boy

Introduction: When you want undying passion with your beloved, the secret is to give first. Be a fattening treat to your lover's diet. Saturate him with your words of praise. Sneak off into the wilderness and let nature recharge your relationship with him. Pillow fights, playing footsies, tickling, wrestling games, water guns, laughing and dunking in the bathtub are all examples of fun that can end in breathless outbursts of delight. Work it, baby! Savor these sexual tricks to be the best sexual partner he’s ever had. Please, enter The Zone.

(1) Flirting without Disaster:

Flirt shamelessly with him, day in and day out- no holds barred. Do his lips and eyes set you on fire? Write song lyrics to let him know. Does his index finger send you to the seventh heaven of pleasure? Worship, massage and honor his index finger for an evening. Brush his fingers and toes with your well-oiled breasts. Spoil your man. Serve him dinner, stark naked, as you lie on the middle of the table, wearing only pearls and high heels. Have a mold of his penis professionally made. Gift him your complete attention when he talks. Naughtily reveal why he is your Dream Man with your eye contact, love notes, and sensuous smells.

(2) Be his Sex Slave:

Be a channel for his healing by letting him play out his sexual fantasies on you. Don’t censor him or question his desires. Surrender to his every whim and fancy. Let him see you move out of your comfort zone and playfully enact the roles of every character in costume, from nurse to game referee. Put your tongue up his butt as far as you can. Text him your provocative pictures with scandalous captions. Make him beg for you every single night. Think of yourself as his drug. Move over and beyond all his wild expectations, to make him your addict for life. Like you didn’t already know that!

(3) Let yourself be ruled by pure love:

Love him so intensely that your devotion for him makes him fall in love with himself too. Mean every word when you tell him the things about him that turn you on. Take candid shots of him, masturbating and in the shower. Bless every part of his body while making love to him. Look at him just like a baby’s eyes would follow bubbles - with wonder and delight. Find a new mole on his arm pit with an attitude of awe. Inhale his natural body smell and allow yourself to be inspired by it. Laugh and play with each other’s bodies with innocent child-like mirth. Spell his name with your tongue on his penis. Visualize yourself as an uninhibited cascading waterfall. Flow so freely that your lover feels cleansed by the medicine of your essence.

(4) Cold desire and Hot thrills:

Create sexual scenes exciting enough to make him silly with delirious anticipation! How about blindfolding him and getting ice cubes from the freezer, next time he’s innocently watching TV? Start by circling his nipples with the ice cubes and going down and dirty on him. Suck on his penis and testicles with the ice cube in your mouth so he can be thrilled by the contrast of your hot licks and cold cubes. Alternate with dipping his penis in a glass of champagne and licking the last drop from his penis. Try your favorite foods, like, minted gum drops, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, fruits, as you keep sucking on and licking him. Do “spot checks” on your lover to make sure he is still alive and ventilating in between the mind-boggling antics!

(5) Dance erotically:

Tie your lover to the bed and tease him by touching your body parts and silk scarves on him. Use racy music to bump and grind on his body; move yourself rhythmically as you watch his lust for you grow. Seductively strip for him, milk his penis, stroke and pet him heavily to arousal. Whisper sweet nothings in his ear using a husky voice. Rock his world, swivel your hips and dance with him like no one’s watching. Notice how warm you feel and how your heart is beating. Own that ecstasy, it is your birth right. Dive deep into each other to create something beautiful together.

Conclusion: Your body is like a parachute. It will work only when your sexual channels are open to giving and receiving love. Just imagine the possibilities once you practice the art of seduction. The places you’ll go, the orgasms you'll have!

Don't Live Life In The Dark...

Psychic Apprentice Mishka

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