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MPO Psychic Enterprise Program (Podcast & Transcripts)

MPO Psychic Enterprise Program (Podcast & Transcripts)

Master Psychic Rachel 0:01

Hello my angels. This is Master Psychic Rachel from And this is the master psychic journal podcast.

Hello my angels I know it's been a minute since I have done a podcast I am so so so so so so sorry. Honestly it was a hot girl summer as Megan the Stallion was say it was just a really crazy summer you know, with business and a good crazy a good crazy and as well. I have some other business ventures going on. So yeah, a client came to me today she was like, Hey, you know, I listened to your podcast and I noticed that you haven't, you know did anything lately? And I'm like, Oh, yeah, okay, yeah, it was all my to do list, I promise you, but she definitely lit a fire under my ass.

Plus, I do want to share this, I've been wanting to share this news with this news with you, my other business ventures. And here we go. So over the summer, I had have been building websites and guiding small businesses and helping clients with their website and their small business. So it's, um, I've been focusing on that a lot over this summer. And that picked up some, so I was really kind of occupied with that. And then of course, I have my psychic business. So I'm very busy with that.

Then, I've recently started a psychic apprentice school. Well, it's the MPO psychic enterprise program, or MPO PEP. So if you hear me say MPO PEP, it means the master psychic online psychic enterprise program. So I had started that program as well over the summer. For many years, I've been training psychic apprentices, many psychic apprentices have come and gone. And you know, some have stuck around. And I had already been doing that. But it's kind of like a freestyle way of teaching is like a kind of just go along with you know what you know what you don't know. And kind of just, you know, take it from the very, from the beginning with the psychic apprentice program and just train that student to be my apprentice and be able to work with a master psychic. So I've already been doing that. And for the longest time, I've been talking about doing a school, a psychic school. I've been saying this for a little while now. But I've been so busy that I haven't been able to put things together.

And again, with my psychic apprentices, I do like a freestyle type of learning, there is a lot of notes and information that I do have. But I have I hadn't put it together like collectively, and you know, filed everything. And that's something that I've always wanted to do is just put my program together organize it a little bit better. So I don't have to keep repeating myself over and over again, which I tend to have to do with the psychic apprentice program.

But anyways, I have some links out there from my program. And this one psychic came to me. And she inquired and filled out an application for my psychic apprentice program. Well, after looking over her her application, I was like, you're not a psychic apprentice, you are a very experienced psychic, I think you you know what you need is you need guidance on your psyche business. And I approached her with this concept and asked her if she would like to join my MPO PEP program. She agreed. And it's still the birth of it, I'm building it, I'm building it around her, I'm building it around the students that will be coming in the future. Whoever joins my program, the program is mapped out and it's going to continue to build it's a one year program program or a 12 month program. And then once you graduate from the program, you'll get a certificate saying that you graduated from the master psychic online pet program. And it will be some great, you know, acknowledgement to have under your belt.

So I started this program. And I've been putting a lot of time and effort into that as well. My other business ventures like the website design and the Small Business counseling, consulting, and stuff like that. So I haven't really had time to like blog and do my podcasts and stuff like that. So that's why it's taken me a minute to come on here and do my podcast.

But yeah, I really wanted to share this with you. Now let me just tell you a little bit about this program and how it might benefit you or maybe someone you know, you can let them know about this. But the MPO PEP program is for psychic new or experienced psychic. So psychics who already have some experience out there,

they've already done readings, they already feel comfortable. They've been thinking about starting their own business, or they've already started their own business. But they're finding it really hard to get their psychic business off the ground. Well, that is what my program is here for I'm here to take you in your business to the next level. Okay, so that's what this program is going to do. It's not a get rich, quick type of program. But I feel very confident that if you do what you're supposed to do, and follow the instructions that are given to the program, I do believe strongly that I will be able to help you build a successful business.

So and I want to take my experience My blood, sweat and tears and everything that I've gone through and help you get to where you need to be. So maybe you don't have to take as long as I did or make as many mistakes as I have, and get your business off the ground, hopefully a lot quicker than I have now.

I've been reading people for over 25 years, I've done over 30,000 readings. And I've had my psychic business master psychic on line calm for almost 14 years cause I built the business while I was in the hospital bed trying to hold in my one pound 14 ounce son.

So you know, it's been a magnificent journey. I've learned so much through this journey. And I would like to share that with you and help you and help you become successful. So you can take your gift and help other people. Because I'm going to tell you right now, I love what I do. I love what I do. Like, I get up every day and I get to talk to the most interesting people on the planet. I get to hear all these amazing stories. And then I get to guide this person or give them my insight. And there's never a day that I wake up and I'm like, Oh, I don't want to go to work. No, I really enjoy what I do. And I'm just using the gift that God gave me to help others.

And if this is your gift, you know, don't feel ashamed about, you know, turning it into it. I don't know what it is about psyches like, you know, so many people have this thing like, oh, when you're psychic, you shouldn't charge or just because we are charging we're taking advantage of people it's like you can have so many gifts and do so many things and make money and nobody says nothing to you. But because a psychic does it. We're like bad people. And it's really not that, you know, most psychics really, really love what they do. And they take it very seriously, very, very seriously. And it's not a game. And it's not a joke to them.

Like my student. Now she has like all these certificates and training and all this stuff under her belt, she got her master's, she's smart, these are educated people. These are people from all over the world who just want to help other people, you know, and from all different backgrounds they come from. So, you know, these aren't like the end of the barrel people like people who just don't have things going for them. And they just want to be a psychic one day, no, this is a passion, this is something that they really want. And they respect it. And they go hard for it.

And I mean, my apprentices, they go hard, the ones that made it through that can make it through the course, they have gone hard. And they shown me that this is not a game, this is not a joke. And they you know, I want to be there and I want to continue I love teaching like this is what I love to do, like now when I think back to when I was a kid. Like I always had to be the teacher, like I always had to be the teacher always had to like teach the kids and neighborhood and I always be like, all gather up all the kids and we would play school. Like I did that a lot. And I loved it. Like if I wasn't a psychic, if I wasn't in the nursing field, if it wasn't a singer, I probably would be a teacher like honestly.

So I'm really just doing what I love. And I'm sharing it with the world and or whoever is willing to learn. And you know, if you have a desire to build your psychic business, then consider my MPO PEP program, my master psychic online psychic enterprise program.

And with the program, it includes, you know, the online classroom, you also get to book a one hour reading with me once a week, so I can stay on top of you and make sure you're doing what you're supposed to do and guide you through the process of making a successful psychic business.

So that's included in the program and a one hour reading with me alone on the telephone normally is $120. But my course for the month, if you want to join the master psychic PEP program is one it's like 165 a month if you go on month to month, and it's 150 a month, if you subscribe for the month, so between 150 to 165 a month, you can be in this program, it's a 12 month course, once you go through the course for 12 months and pass.

Now you know it's not it's not like you know, it's it's not like super duper, duper, duper hard. But you do have things you have to do. It's like school, you got you going to school, you have assignments, you have challenges, you have tests that you're going to take. So it's just like a school. So as long as you pass the program, you will be certified at the end of the year, and everyone who sees that certificate is going to know that you have worked with one of the best online psychics in the world. Okay, and you will be recognized for that. And we hold a very strong code of ethics over here. So when you come to, you don't got to worry about being scammed, or anyone who comes with a certificate, we follow a code of ethics that we go through strategic training to be the very best with our psychic abilities. So the MPO PEP program is more dealing with the business aspects of it. But there's also

there's the the psychic apprentice program is going to be mixed in there as well. There's lots of things we're still going to be learning that helped develop our psychic abilities as well, our business strategies. So it's going to be a combination of both. And if you are psychic apprentice or you just you don't have the business yet, but you're interested in developing the gift, I will be soon developing just the psychic apprentice course where I will create a classroom for that. And you can go through that course if you want. And then once you graduate from that course, you can move on to the MPO PEP program.

But if you're already established, or you're already you bought, you're very comfortable with doing readings now and you want to take your business offline and bring it online. I am your girl. Okay. Yeah, come check me out.

Now, if you want to know more about the program, you can go to And in the menu that you see at the top of the page, you'll see classes and if you click on that, you'll get directed to the program. And you can see some of the syllabus in there. Or through that link.

So yeah, check it out, you know, again, it's new, I'm developing it. I'm developing developing it around my my current student and the students of the future. And depending on where you are, the course will be built around you because I'm sure whatever I show you and do for you. There's somebody else out there who also needs to learn that. So yeah, it's a real exciting course. It's so much fun. I love it. I love it. I love it. And you're going to have a lot of fun. You're going to learn a lot and you're going to see your business grow. So yeah, check it out.

Again, my name is Master Psychic. Rachel, thank you so much for joining me. I really appreciate you appreciate your time. And if you would like a free or paid reading, please check out my website Don't live in the dark.

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