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Numerology! Calculate The Number Of Your Spiritual Mission

Numerology! Calculate The Number Of Your Spiritual Mission

Numerology is a discipline that studies the relationship between numbers, the human being, and their environment. In numerology, numbers vibration is researched to use that data in favor of anyone who needs guidance. Each number transmits some characteristics and a vital personal force, which makes each person unique and different from the rest.

What is numerology?

Numerology describes our characteristics, life mission and personality traits in a similar way an astral sign would but through a scientific approach, to find the path we must follow according to our characteristics.

Numerology allows us to assign a number from 1 to 9 to any person. Each number presents specific characteristics and defines what our character is like, our emotional life and behavioral tendencies towards others.

How to calculate the personal numerological vibration:

We can achieve a better understanding of anyone’s character and personality through the realization of a person's numerological chart. This calculus is made with the vibrations that the individual receives from his birthday, name and even his/her signature. The easier vibration to calculate is the birth vibration: It is obtained from our date of birth, adding the day, month and year to reach a single digit.

For example:


1+1= 2, 1+2= 3, 1+9+9+0= 19

2 + 3 + 19 = 24

2+4= 6

Once you’ve calculated your number, look in this list to understand the primary personality traits of your Birth Vibration Number:

1. The leader

• Individualist and self-motivated.

• You make things happen, advice and guide others.

• You are not good at obeying orders or following others; rather you tend to rebel against any domain or authority.

• Instead, you tend to prefer being the one giving directions to others.

• Independent and creative.

• Sometimes you can come out as a little dominant and jealous in love relationships.

Develop your qualities and leadership abilities, self-sufficiency won’t take you a long way. Working with others, serve others and help others will make the best of you shine.

2. The mediator

• You look for harmony in life

• Sweet and humble, caring and good counselor, most of your friends look for you looking for advice and compassionate conversations.

• You don’t like conflicts and will do everything possible to avoid them or to mediate in one.

• Precisely because of your personality you want harmony in the home and in romantic relationships. You like peaceful environments,

• Sometimes you look for support and approval from others.

• You are the ideal companion: Romantic, complacent, caring.

3: The Communicator

• Creativity, communication, and sociability are some of the best words to describe you.

• Witty and talented, you can thrive in almost any job or profession.

• But! Be careful, since you’re extremely tender and compassionate, you can lose perspective and be easily influenced.

• Optimistic and confident, you are looking for love eagerly, and that could take its toll.

• Loyal and affectionate, you like to enjoy home and family.

• You are a happy soul, and you bring optimism to wherever you go.

4: The teacher

• Cerebral, intelligent, sincere, secure. You are the most organized vibration of all numbers.

• Detailed oriented, you aimed for perfection, work meticulously, with perseverance, efficiency, logic, and discipline.

• Deep down, this perfectionism relies on a hidden aversion for criticism and unexpected changes.

• Remember, in the long run; perfectionism will take its toll.

• Sometimes you find it hard to show your true feelings. That’s because when you’re In love, you like to step on safe ground and don’t venture to show your love until you are not sure of being reciprocated.

5: The Adventurer

• You need to feel free and have constant changes, that's why you seek for new emotions so desperately.

• Extraordinarily smart, you impress everyone with your intelligent and intelligent comments.

With an agile mind and an incredible capacity to create is possible you try several professions until you find your true calling.

• Of all the numbers you are the most restless and changing.

• In romantic relationships, you need some space to feel you aren’t chained or caged in an endless/restrictive commitment.

6: The educator

• Many times you see others from a parental or maternal point of view.

• Is not unusual finding you trying to lecture a colleague or a stranger about almost any subject. You feel this is your way to make a better world.

• This is because being a noble, straight, calm person you care too much for others welfare.

• Affectionate, and sweet, unless someone threatens your safety.

• In love, you are a loyal and sincere person.

• You take relationships very seriously, and you won’t stop looking until you find true love.

• Reaching your inner balance will help you create a happy home and family.

7: The spiritual

• With a great intuition, all sevens must learn to trust their hunches.

• You are more attracted to the religious and the philosophical than the material world.

• Deep and emotional, you like to observe and analyze to get to know every possible detail of a person or situation.

• Nonetheless, you tend to take risky decisions.

• If you learn to open yourself emotionally, your relationships will become more passionate and affectionate.

• You are somewhat dreamer, sensitive, elegant, and educated.

• Over time, if you follow your call, you can serve as a guide to help others to evolve spiritually.

8: The executive

• The eight vibration is usually a very self-confident person.

• You have an excellent executive ability making you a unique boss.

• It's a power number, so often we see politicians with this number vibration.

• Efficient, authority, success, cunning, are some of your qualities and above all, you are a very constant person.

• Although you don’t go for having a million friends, those who make the cut receive honesty, dedication and endless support from you.

• Your focus capacity is one of the most remarkable personality traits we find in an 8.

• But that sometimes can play against them because they tend to be somewhat possessive when they get in love.

• Aesthetics is very important for you.

• From a positive point of view that great ambition and energy, can lead you to help others.

• Your talents to earn money and manage companies will lead you almost inevitably to success.

9: The humanitarian

• The nine vibration comes with a beautiful brightness to make this a better world.

• With a good spiritual foundation, you are the philanthropic person par excellence.

• Unselfish, intelligent, active are your best qualities.

• Sentimental, emotional, affectionate, you are the most romantic when true love appears it is for life.

• In some aspects, you can be a little distrustful, but in a solid friendship, your authenticity and honesty will create life lasting bond.

• You are meant to be an example of love, in the broadest sense of the word. Only through love, you will find inner peace and happiness.

Guest Blogger: Sarah

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Trisha H.
Trisha H.
Dec 17, 2018

I'm a 7 and completely agree.


Nov 15, 2018

I think it can be :P I am going to re add it but I think it works for me


Master Psychic Rachel
Master Psychic Rachel
Nov 15, 2018

Lol! I know I had to add mine a couple times just to make sure, lol. Do you feel your was right?


Nov 15, 2018

I think I got 2 if I did the math right


Master Psychic Rachel
Master Psychic Rachel
Nov 14, 2018

I’m #1 the leader, i’ll take it! Very accurate. What’s your number?

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