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My Daughter's Thoughts On Spirituality

Here is a writing assignment my daughter had in her 11th grade American Literature Class, on spirituality. I've never pushed my beliefs of spirituality on her, always raised her to trust God, so this was interesting for me to hear her perspective on spirituality, she so sounds like her mother : ) I am very proud of her. She is a very smart girl. I couldn't be prouder.


I believe spirituality cannot be seen but it is disguised". I view it as being a personal experience. Spirituality can be viewed through different perspectives. Some view spirituality to a religion others can view it as being a “phenomenon”. I view Spirituality as a way you find purpose, hope and peace in your life. You can make it be a big part of your life or a small part of your life. I view spirituality as finding a way to find a "better you". It can be seen as a connection to what you believe in. For the past few years, spirituality has given me a different perspective on how I view things in my everyday life. As I got older, I saw things in a different light. I view it as what is my purpose in "life" or "how should I live my life". Praying has helped me through some of my most highest points in my life and also my lowest. Having these hardships. Spirituality has made me have a different perspective on the “meaning of life”. By being a Christian and going to church, this has given me a stronger connection to what I believe in and has given me a “foundation” for my beliefs. Praying has been a “medicine” to me. It has brought comfort and joy into my life. By praying it has shown me the meaning of life by giving me a broader view on life. Praying has given me positivity in my life and shown me the good in life. Spirituality, also, has shown me to encourage myself to be a better person. By having a strong sense of spirituality it has given me positive results. Spirituality is not always just about religion, but it gives you a concept in what you believe in. Spirituality has brought positivity, hope and courage into my life which makes me the person who I am today.

By: Najah

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