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In Case You Missed It!

Hello, My Angels!

I know its been a minute since I blogged, but lately I‘ve been doing more podcasting. It’s not to say I will always be podcasting, but you will observe from time to time, me jumping back and forth from podcasting, to blogging, etc.

So if you haven't seen a blog post in a while you may want to check out my podcast page ~~>

But, the best means to get up to date stats on me or the site is to check out my Twitter feed, which you can find toward the bottom of my homepage or here ~~~>

But, in cases you missed it, here are some of my favorite links I shared this week...

1. Hey my Angels! I am sorry I did not send out a coupon for Easter, I will be putting up some new sales through the site, to compensate. I spent Sunday with my cousin @SpainBey_ you can check out our podcast here ~~>

2. There is nothing better for the psychic muscle then a nice stroll 🚶‍♀️ through nature. Feeling revitalized. #PeachtreeCity #Ga

3. Here goes another pic of the #JesusChrist statue at #HolyTrinity, it really is a beautiful statue. #HappyEaster2019

4. I need to get back to this back in the day pic... #BackInTheDay #OldieButGoodies

5. In our #Keto group we post everything we eat to the group for critique and they are sure to get on me for hiding a few tablespoons of rice 🍚 under my salad 🥗

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