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How To Read Someone Online

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

How To Read Someone Online

Not too long ago, if you asked me to read people online I would have told you that was impossible. All my life, I was used to the traditional styles of reading people -- like reading in person or on the phone. The thought of reading someone online through only an Internet connection initially seemed impossible.

And for a while, I had problems doing it. When I first started reading people online, I had trouble picking up energy, and my early online reviews reflected that. But over the last 15 years or so, I’ve learned to adjust to the advances in technology and realized that it’s absolutely possible to read someone whom I’ve only met online. It works for me now because I’ve learned how to glean the information I need in nontraditional ways.

So how do you read someone you’ve met only through electronic means and devices like online chat or email? Here are a few tips based on the lessons I’ve learned about reading someone online:

1. Study how they write. A person’s writing style can tell you a lot. For example, do they use big words, lots of slang, TYPE IN CAPS or make a lot of grammatical errors? Couldn’t this tell you the person’s age, geographical area, mood, education or lack of it? What can you learn when someone tells you they’re a college graduate yet they write like they’re in fifth grade? Pay close attention to someone’s writing style and you can learn a lot more about them than they’re consciously saying.

2. Consider how they make you feel. During and after your talk to someone online, how do they make you feel? Do you feel empowered, confused, happy, or sad? Do they evoke positive or negative emotions in you? What kind of energy do you pick up from them? You’ve got to trust your gut on this one. If you’re constantly second-guessing them or wondering if they’re telling the truth, this may be a sign that the person can’t be trusted. Remember, your gut thinks faster than your brain, so listen to what your body tells you just as much as you listen to your thoughts and ideas about a person.

3. Decide if their actions match their words. If the person says he’s going to contact you again later but doesn’t -- and it’s not just once -- that says something about him that it doesn’t take a psychic to pick up on. If he says he has taken action based on your past conversations but you don’t sense that he has, that says something too. Anytime it’s clear that actions and words don’t match, this is a good sign of flaws in personal character, and you can be sure the person can’t be trusted. That taints all their relationships and activities and can help you make predictions about how they will behave in the future.

4. Do your research. I don’t actually do this unless a client sends me a link. I read people on the spot, but trust and believe me: if I really was into someone I met online and was considering a personal relationship with them, before I gave them my heart and soul I would do my research. Do they have a Twitter account or use Instagram or YouTube? What are they doing or saying on these accounts? Does who they say they are match up with the things you’re finding about them online? Or can’t you find anything of them online? That might make me all the more suspicious. Don’t be scared to do your research when necessary. The Internet is a perfect breeding ground for predators, so don’t take unnecessary chances with your heart and especially with your safety.

5. Read between the lines. You got to learn to read between the lines, no matter what kind of readings you’re doing or relationships you’re getting into. Just like when you talk to someone face to face and they tell you something, you can usually tell when something you’re told online isn’t right. There’s often a hidden message between the words people say and write. For example, if someone seems so into you and tells you he’s looking to settle down but shortly after meeting you sends you naked pictures of his private parts, you may realize his motive aren‘t what he says they are. Is he really saying “Hey, I want a booty call, not a serious relationship”?

These are some of the ways I’ve learned to read a person through online chat, email and other electronic means. I could go on and on about this subject for quite a while, but I hope these few points are useful to you. Whether you’re a psychic trying to get better at doing your own readings or someone who’s looking for love in today’s electronic world, this information may help you make good decisions and judgments.

The Internet is a wonderful place to meet new people, but just as in the real world, some people go out of their way to make false impressions. You have to be able to see through them to see the real person that’s inside.

Master Psychic Rachel Don’t Live Life In The Dark…

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