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From Sensuous to Sizzling: Unleashing Your Feminine Power

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

From Sensuous to Sizzling: Unleashing your feminine Power

Introduction: Women want to feel alive. Some of us have been dead for so long in ugly relationships. Being taken for granted and the burden of other's expectations choke the life force out of us. It's not long before we forget that we have powerful balls of sexual energy hiding inside of us. Don't let this happen to you. Reclaim the Aphrodite within you and dance in its glory.

Here are some ways to set yourself free by giving a voice to your erotic desires:

(1) Worship your body:

Massage yourself with aromatic oils. Affirm your gratitude to each part of your body. Be especially grateful to your sexiest assets, your vagina and clitoris for the pleasure they provide. Realize that you have the juiciest vagina on this planet. Be proud of your sensational and jaw-dropping boobs. Visualize your breasts as symmetrical orbs of mesmerizing power to seduce and cause instant wet dreams. Wake up every morning, look in the mirror and breathe in the gorgeous, sexy force of Nature that you are. Take long, fragrant baths under candle light and accept the fact that you are an embodiment of wild abandon and pleasure.

(2) Wear sexy lingerie:

Do justice to the forest fire that is blazing inside of you. Refuse to wear anything other than the most risqué lingerie in the market. Discard all shoes, clothes, jewellery, accessory and scents that make you feel less than smoking hot. Wear clothes that make you feel turned on at all times. Get your amorous mojo flowing by expanding your wardrobe suitable for a Playboy bunny party-- teddy with garter belt, silky stockings, sarong skirts, high heels and belly dancer accessories.

(3) Make up a Classified Ad:

Think of yourself as a high-society escort. Your mind, body and spirit are wide open channels for total sexual ecstasy. Create a classified ad describing your virtues and sexual services. Throw shame out of the window. Rise up the world to the sexual pleasures you can provide, beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Do this to learn about your erotic self. Be in tune with your sexual moods. You might be surprised with your self-discovery if you charted your sexual desires, likes and dislikes on the monthly calendar. Intrigue yourself by reflecting on the time of the month and day when you feel most horny.

(4) Heal yourself:

It is part of the human experience to feel pain. Own your emotional wounds. If you are not enough for yourself, you will never be enough for someone else. Do not give up on yourself. Refuse to be apologetic about your past choices. Invest in new hobbies like belly dancing and horse-riding to experience the wondrous achievement of being born in female form. Forgive your parents, lovers and ex-spouses for suppressing your desires. Dance naked and reconnect with the beautiful feeling of purity that you were born with.

(5) Pleasure yourself:

Make friends with your clitoris, erogenous zones and pleasure points. Do yourself a favour, get your dildos/vibrators out of the closet and explore yourself from head to toe. Turn yourself on by touching your body curves, lips, hair, and masturbate your private parts. See yourself from the eyes of your most expressive admirers. You are the Goddess of Seduction. Walk the Planet Earth being one with this truth. When was the last time you felt sexual hunger and knew how to feed it? You don't have to be in a relationship to be a well fucked woman. The key is to be physically uninhibited and use your imagination to live up to your sexual fantasies.

(6) Be the Ultimate female lover:

Be a competent and confident lover who is always calm and assured during sexual moments. Be an epic kisser and kiss with a passionate tenderness that produces true intimacy. Experience the epitome of sexual bliss in your life. Have fun spreading your legs wide and displaying your vagina fully to your lover. If you are single, praise your beauty and feel secure in your own identity. Attract romance in unexpected and exciting ways.

Conclusion: You are the divine Courtesan. As a woman, you are multi-orgasmic and the most stunning of God's creations. You are an energetic whirlpool of unbridled passion. You have the radiance of the Moon, the innocence of the flowers and the dreamy mystique of dark nights. Believe in yourself. Join with your playful feminine power. Make love with unleashed abandon. Your pleasure matters. You are worth more than you can ever imagine.

~Psychic Apprentice Mishka~

Don't Live Life In The Dark

Photography by: Suzie Athena Singstock Photography

Model: Renee you can check out her artwork here -

Aura Picture By: MP Rachel

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