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5 Things A Psychic Wont Tell You

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

5 Things A Psychic Wont Tell You

Based entirely on my own opinions, experiences and feelings, I’m sharing with you the five things most psychics won’t tell you. I’m sure this is yet another controversial subject, and some other psychics may not agree with me. They may tell you that they gladly talk about these subjects, and I don’t have a problem with that. But I know I’m not alone when I say that I will not tell you:

When you or someone else will die. Most psychics don't want to go there when it comes to predicting death. Questions about this subject do indeed pop up from time to time, but it’s not something most of us want to speak about or answer. Since we’re not God and not always right, I think it’s fair to say that we leave those answers to a higher power. Sure, we may have an inclination as to when you may pass, but the last thing we want to do is worry you sick about it, and who is to say that we would be right in the first place? Even if we’re exactly right in predicting when someone is going to die, I would hate to think that someone spent the rest of their life worried about their expiration date. That’s why most psychics try to avoid those types of questions and I can honestly tell you that we don't feel comfortable giving these answers.

How an illness will turn out. This is pretty much right there with predicting death. We’re not God and we’re certainly not doctors -- most of us -- so we can’t diagnose what’s going on with your current physical or mental health. We might be able to see a little bit of what’s going on or maybe even a lot, but it’s always best to leave these types of questions to your doctor. When it comes to your health, you don’t want to play around with it and have someone who is not a trained medical professional diagnose you. That’s why when clients come in asking me health questions, before I give them any insight as to what I may see, I tell them to go see a doctor first.

Which lottery numbers will win. So if we’re psychic, we must know the winning lottery numbers, right? We get this all the time. But if we really knew the winning lottery numbers, do you think we would be giving them to others and not playing them ourselves? Seriously, when it comes to winning numbers, there are nearly infinite possibilities. But in life situations, the choices are relatively few: yes, no, left, right, up or down, leave or stay. That means life’s questions are much easier to understand than the winning lottery numbers. But we can tell you lucky numbers to play, the best times to play and let you know if you have the potential to be a lottery winner. But I think with any kind of lottery, it’s about so much more than just having the right numbers. If it’s your time, you’ll win. If it’s not your time, then you’ll forget to play those winning numbers, lose the ticket or somehow keep yourself from winning. You can’t mess with the system.

That your fate is set in stone. Most psychics I know will tell you that your fate is not set in stone and that you are in charge of your own destiny. That’s because your decisions determine your outcomes. It’s rare for a psychic to tell you that your fate is set in stone and that the outcome won’t change because we know that’s simply not true. Even our predictions are not solid indicators of your future, but they do lay out the outline of what will occur if you continue on the same path. From experience, I’ve seen that many things that seem set in stone have changed. Many miracles happen every day for those who are willing to take charge of their paths and believe that change is possible.

Exactly when something will happen. I get some clients who come in and say things like “I want to know the exact day and time I’m going to meet my soul mate”, and I tell them that’s impossible to know. I can give you a time frame of when things are meant to be, but the exact day and time? I would be lying if I told you I knew exactly. Mind you, some psychics will give you an exact timeframe, but trust me when I tell you that being able to predict the exact time and date of an event is very rare, even for a Master Psychic like me. Things tend to happen in seasons, you can expect certain things this season and others during the next. That’s why I usually give times frames more so then an exact date and time. A good psychic will explain the reason for the range rather than giving you a bogus timeframe that might get your hopes up at the wrong time.

These are the top 5 things a psychic probably won’t tell you. But don’t worry. Ask anything you like. I’ll tell you honestly if your question is something I can’t answer accurately. There’s no point in me acting like I have all the answers and ending up misleading you.

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