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20-Minute Online Readings Are Back – With A Twist (And A Value Price!)

Hello My Angels,

I hope you’re well, safe and protected with your loved ones. I send my blessings to you and your family. Please know that I send you my spiritual protection as well during every storm of life.

What’s Old Is New: Affordable 20-Minute Readings Are Back

My 20-minute online readings are back by popular demand – with a new twist that will save you some money! My longtime clients will be aware that I offered 20-minute readings back in the day, but some years back, I retired them. Now, I’m bringing them back as a fast, price-conscious option.

I want to be able to offer you something affordable and quick during these uncertain times. That’s why I’m offering 20-minute online express readings for a limited time at just $20. But there is a small catch. It’s a timed reading. That means at the end of your 20-minute time, the online session will close out automatically without warning. So you must be mindful of the time if you choose this reading. And please do not take offense when the chat closes out. That’s just how this money-saving option works.

Not For Everyone, I Realize

When you get a reading with me, you probably know that extra time is always included. A 15-minute reading is never just 15 minutes. My goal is always to honestly try to give as much time and insight as I can when you pay for a reading.

But these new 20-minute express readings are timed to the very minute so I can serve more people each day. If you’re looking for a little extra time with your reading, please do not choose this reading. Instead, watch for discounts and offers on other readings.

A plus with these new *20-minute readings – aside from them being affordable and quick – is that you can get in to see sooner than with regular readings. I usually need at least 1 hour advance notice for appointments, but with these express readings I only need about 15 to 30 minutes advance notice. That means you can get in and out swiftly if time slots are available. After I make a connection with you and get the needed info, the timer begins when I say “How may I assist you?”

Again, these readings are strictly timed. If the chat ends and you want to talk with me more, you’ll have to purchase another reading in the next open time slot. I can’t come back to the chat immediately because, more than likely, I will have another reading to do.

Let’s All Do Our Part

I want to make my services as affordable as possible during these unusual times, and $20 readings offer you the lowest price I can provide while still maintaining my small business. I want to always be there for you. We must all look out for each other no matter what’s happening in the world. I don't want any client thinking that they would like to speak with me but can't afford it.

These 20-minute online express readings are for a limited time – like the McDonald’s Mc Rib! They may be here today and gone tomorrow.

Please stay safe in the coming days. I know most of us will be fine, but let’s still take a few precautions as our leaders are asking. And more than anything, trust your own intuition. Your intuition will rarely steer you wrong. 

We can still be there for each other no matter the circumstances. We will always find a way. I hope to be there for you through every storm for many years to come – as you all have been for me.

Love, Light and Blessings. 

Master Psychic Rachel

Don’t Live Life In The Dark

*There are no VIP discounts with these readings

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