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I Had a Dream: Mysteries Illuminated with My New Dream Interpretation Service

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

“If eyes are the windows to the soul, then dreams are the window to our deepest fears and desires.” - MPRachel

Just the other night, a dream unfolded before my eyes. Picture it: a family gathering, an air of celebration and a handsome, short, stocky stranger at our table. A bowl of ripe strawberries gleamed, waiting for their role in a kind of ancestral offering. As I placed them in some water and put them at the center of the table, I felt a connection with the handsome, strong and silent man who was there supporting our family rituals.

Suddenly, I was awakened by a knock on my bedroom door, my daughter announcing the arrival of an Amazon package. The dream's imagery lingered, etched in my mind, and I rushed to capture it in my digital “One Note Journal.”

All day, the dream haunted me. Even with my insight and experience, its meaning temporarily eluded me, a riddle wrapped in an enigma. I surrendered it to the dream abyss, only to be confronted by it the very next day.

At my girlfriend's house, where she was working her magic on my son's locks, I was drawn to her altar. Among talismans, candles and an Oahspe African Bible was a large, framed picture of a handsome light-skinned black man. A shock of recognition struck me and I shared my dream, realizing this was the very man from my dream. My girlfriend revealed that he was her father, connecting dots that seemed so abstract to me before.

So here I am, dear reader, sharing this mystical journey to emphasize the power and wisdom hidden within our dreams. Our minds weave enigmatic tapestries, holding reflections of our future, past, fears and desires.

As I reflect on the strawberries, now symbolic of my son's new dark chocolate and strawberry red hair, I’m awed by the universe's peculiar ways, revealing insights, premonitions and answers in the most unexpected signs.

Dare to dive deeper into your dreams. Keep a notebook by your bedside or a digital journal to preserve these fleeting images. They may hold messages that whisper like dew on a Sunday morning.

Allow me to guide you through these top 10 common dreams and their interpretations:

  • Falling: A real-world worry about losing control or fear of failure.

  • Flying: A soaring desire for freedom or escape from reality.

  • Being Chased: A reflection of threat or unresolved issues.

  • Teeth Falling Out: A common anxiety about appearance or aging.

  • Taking an Exam: A persistent stress or fear, even years after school.

  • Death or Dying: A profound end and a new beginning.

  • Meeting a Celebrity: A connection to personal ambition or admiration.

  • Being Naked in Public: An unresolved vulnerability or fear of exposure.

  • Losing Something or Someone: An emotional distress or a reflection of loss.

  • Being Trapped: A manifesting frustration or a feeling of confinement.

These are just a few of the most common dreams and their interpretations. My dreams are fascinating and complex, often involving many elements. Yours may be too. Whether these common dreams stir something within you or not, I’m here to assist you in your dream interpretations.

Today, I begin a new journey: offering dream interpretation readings. Let's explore the uncharted territories of your dreams. Together, we will uncover the hidden meanings within – guided by my 25+ years of expertise.

Step into my world and allow me to unlock the secrets of your dreams. Visit to find this unique offering.

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Please note: These codes are valid until August 21, 2023, and cannot be combined with any other sales or promotions.

Master Psychic Rachel

Don't Live Life In The Dark...


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