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Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey

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🎉 Congratulations, Erica! 🎉

Dear fellow journaling enthusiasts,

I wanted to take a moment to celebrate @Erica remarkable achievement. She has completed the "Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey" course with dedication and grace, earning herself a well-deserved certificate and the prestigious Journaling Warrior badge.


Attention, Scribe Your Soul Participants 📜 I hope you're enjoying your mystical journey through "Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey." I have some great news regarding the course duration. 🕰️ Course Duration Extension: You now have 14 days from the time you join the program to complete this 7-day course. Take your time, explore each day's teachings thoroughly, but remember, the power of journaling is most potent when experienced in a timely and consistent manner. If you want to feel the full impact of journaling, I encourage you to write regularly and keep a consistent pace throughout the program. 🚢 Missed the Deadline? No Worries: If you don't finish within the 14-day window, there's no need to fret. This program is designed as a drip course, with a new section unlocking each day. Unfortunately, if you miss the deadline, you will have to let the program run its course again. A new section…


Hey Soul Scribers, how's the journaling coming along? 📝 Are those morning pages getting the creative juices flowing? Kicking off the day with 3 pages can work wonders for the mind and soul. 💫 How's it making you feel? Noticing any shifts in your day? 🌅 If you're itching for more direction or want to deepen the magic, jump into my course. 📚 I'm all ears – spill the beans on your journaling journey! #MorningPages #JoinTheCourse


Did you know there is an app to this group? You can find it here by following this link -

How to navigate through this course: Each day presents a task intended for your physical journal, aiming to spark your creativity.

For example, Day 1:

✍️ Your Task for Today

Craft a dedication page in your journal. Dedicate this journal to your intentions and let them serve as your guiding light through the stormy seas.

Use this to inspire your writing today, but feel free to write whatever comes to mind. It's best to write first thing in the morning as suggested in "Morning Pages." If that’s not possible, write whenever you can. Aim for three pages, but if pressed for time, set a timer for 5-25 minutes. The goal is to build a habit of unrestrained writing; let your thoughts flow. You may use the daily task as a prompt or not; the choice is yours. These tasks are designed to inspire and guide you on this spiritual journey…


"Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey" is a captivating 7-...


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