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Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey

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Attention, Scribe Your Soul Participants 📜 I hope you're enjoying your mystical journey through "Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey." I have some great news regarding the course duration. 🕰️ Course Duration Extension: You now have 14 days from the time you join the program to complete this 7-day course. Take your time, explore each day's teachings thoroughly, but remember, the power of journaling is most potent when experienced in a timely and consistent manner. If you want to feel the full impact of journaling, I encourage you to write regularly and keep a consistent pace throughout the program. 🚢 Missed the Deadline? No Worries: If you don't finish within the 14-day window, there's no need to fret. This program is designed as a drip course, with a new section unlocking each day. Unfortunately, if you miss the deadline, you will have to let the program run its course again. A new section is unlocked every day, so you can simply mark the sections as "completed already" and pick up where you left off. This way, you can continue to explore the transformative potential of journaling at your own pace. Keep your compass true and your pen poised. Your extended journey awaits. 🌊✨ If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out. Your journaling adventure is in your hands, and I'm here to support you on this path of self-discovery. Happy journaling! 🖊️🌟



"Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey" is a captivating 7-...


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