Who Are The Psychics Around You? And Are You One?

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

Who Are The Psychics Around You? And Are You One?

Who are the best psychics around you? Not everyone with psychic abilities uses them to make a living. There may be psychics all around you – and they’re not exactly who you think they are. Sure, there have been many well-known psychics through the centuries, and there are world-renowned psychics working today. But take a closer look at your friends and family – and perhaps yourself. Are their untapped and unused special psychic skills closer to you than you ever imagined?

What kind of person makes the best psychic? You even may have wondered if you would make a good psychic. Psychics are not a one-size-fits-all type of thing. Psychics come from many backgrounds and varied walks of life.

Here are some of the top types of people that have the potential to be good psychics. You can find people like these dotting your daily life – and one or more of these types may even be you:

1. Empaths.

Empaths are ordinary people who have the extraordinary paranormal ability to pick up on other people’s states of mind or emotions. They are ultra-sensitive and notice the feelings or energy of someone who is struggling or going through something. If you’re happy, they become happier too. And if you’re sad, they get sadder as well.

Empaths make wonderful psychics because they can pick up on human emotions very well. Sometimes it can be draining for them – and sometimes it can be blissful. Mastering psychic ability is one way for empaths to have more control of their lives and not have the world take advantage of them. If you have this ability, there’s a good chance you’re psychic and don't even know it – or fully know how to use and understand your skills.

2. Introverts.

Introverts are really sensitive like empaths and often very psychic too. They tend to withdrawal from crowds because the energies of other people tire them out. The simple task of meeting up with a friend for coffee can take a lot from them. They are happy being alone or with only those few whom they are close to: me, myself and I.

Introverts are proven to make very good psychics and sometimes don’t even know they have this gift. Many times, they think they’re different from everyone else – weird or shy – so they hide from the world unless they have something that must be done. They often work from home, don’t socialize and aren’t interested in water cooler banter. Coworkers may think something is wrong with them, but most of the time, all they want to do is get home and curl up on the couch to block all the extra sensory input from their mind.

3. Mothers.

Once a woman has a child, her intuition intensifies, clicking into high gear. Women are already intuitive creatures by nature, but there is an extra something in mothers that make them like momma bears who are more aware of and protective of not only their children but other people and their environment.

A mother will lactate if her baby is away from her and crying for its feeding. There are many women who, because of their quick thinking and extrasensory perception, have been able to save the lives of their loved ones. That’s why when they say moms know best, you should listen. Mothers are some of the greatest psychics on the planet because they have their “spidey sense” on 24/7.

4. Children.

Children are sincere and imaginative. They say what they want to say and are who they want to be – until they’re told who to be and what to say. If you really listen to children, however, you’ll see that they’re very honest and receptive to other people and emotions.

Often, as children get older, they’re told to give up on their imagination. So unintentionally, parents may shut off their children’s intuition and replace it with their own ambitions and dreams. They don’t trust their children’s opinions because they’re supposedly too young to know. But most of us are born with the gift of intuition and are scolded that we must let it go. (I was blessed because my mother supported my individuality, spirituality, and freedom of expression – and look what happened to me!)

5. Visionaries.

Visionaries are people who dream big and take action to get results. They’re psychic in many cases because they see the end result and the pathway toward it – all before anything has happened. Visionaries see the future needs of the people, fight through adversities and never giving up on their dreams. They make things happen, almost magically.

Steve Jobs, who founded Apple, was a visionary. He saw what the future looked liked and brought it to the present. He didn’t let pitfalls in his life stop him from what he knew was true to be. Moreover, like many great men and women who have achieved the unimaginable, he relied on his intuition to guide him as he put the future in our hands. Visionaries like Jobs know that intuition plays a huge role in their success – although they may not acknowledge themselves as psychics. Still, I believe they’re some of the greatest psychics in the world.

6. Nurses.

Nurses are among the strongest people on the planet. They see a lot and are the eyes and the ears of doctors. Most are compassionate and strong-willed. They give their all, often putting others before themselves. They are good watchers too. In many instances, they can sense something about to go wrong before it happens.

As healers set on helping others, many nurses feeling like their job is their calling. They can feel and heal pain. They’re very perceptive to sensory changes and often use all six senses in unison when they’re caring for an individual. To me, nurses are great candidates to be psychics and may not even acknowledge the gift because their abilities come to them so naturally.

7. Writers.

Writers have to be very vigilant and observant of the world around them. Great writers pay very close attention to the subtlest details and often include these subtleties in their writings. They are perceptive and expressive. They convey deep positive and negative emotions to us with ease, and often, they give us an unexpected and perhaps even unknowing glimpse into the future. Writers can teach us about ourselves as they show us the lives of real and fictional people that they choose to present.

I believe many writers have psychic abilities, and you can see glimpses of that in their writings. In many books that have nothing to do with psychic abilities, intuition comes up. To be psychic, you have to be aware, observant, speak well and deal with emotions easily. I feel that some of the best writers possess unique psychic abilities and would make good psychics if they chose to develop those abilities.

8. Online psychics.

Online psychics are sometimes the most underestimated of all psychics. People think because we read online, we’re not real psychics. However, we have to be some of the most powerful of all psychics. That’s because we read people all day, every day – with very little to go on because we can't see you in person or talk to you on the phone. We tap into the airwaves like wifi and connect with people we may never physically get close to. If anything, online psychics realize all the more how strong the spirit is because we create soulful connections beyond the physical.

We use today’s extraordinary technology to read people quicker than many professional in-person psychics could ever dream possible and with just as much accuracy. If you’ve ever doubted whether you should have a reading with an online psychic, it’s time to give it a try. We are now reading people at such a high level that some of the greats would find it hard to compete with what we do, in this day and age.

9. Seniors.

Seniors have time, experience and wisdom on their side. They have had so many life experiences. Whatever the topic, they’ve often been there and done that. And often, we don’t give them credit where credit is due because we think they have old-fashioned values and don't understand our generation or times.

But we should listen to them. They’re usually very wise because they’ve gone through so much, seeing the good and the bad – and they will try to prevent you from making the mistakes they made. Pay close attention to them, listen to their stories and ask for advice. They are like psychics whether they realize it or not, basing answers on lessons from the past.

10. Twins.

Twins can be born with the same DNA and share the same womb for nine months, getting to know each other on the deepest possible level. They can connect with each other telepathically without the need for words. Many twins can finish each other’s sentences, thoughts and feelings even from afar.

An astounding 1 in 5 twins reports having some telepathy or other supernatural experience, according to research. And I feel that twins are a perfect example of how life’s experiences prepare us for psychic abilities. It’s not a stretch to consider that these abilities could extend beyond their siblings. When twins choose to develop their skills, they could become the best psychics around. But like so many other people, they often choose to ignore, suppress or hide their gifts.

So who are the psychics around you? You may want to look around and see if you’ve got a friend or family member who fits into one or more of the above categories. Or perhaps the psychic in your family or social group is you!

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