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Unique Ways For Couples To Spend Their Time On Valentine's Day

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Unique Ways For Couples To Spend Their Time On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be about gift giving, but spending quality time with the person you love. If you're stuck on last minute Valentine's Day ideas perhaps the suggestions below will help you create unique memories that will last a lifetime.

Shop for sex toys together:

What's better than Valentine's day to shop for sex toys and affirm your commitment to your lover's pleasure? Watching a variety of sex toys can trigger your partner's fantasies and turn them on. It can help build arousal and excitement and give the imagination a boost. There's no place like the bedroom to shed your inhibitions and be more matter-of-fact in your sexuality. When routine dominates over passion, sex toys break the jinx.

Giving each other a massage:

If you want to relax your partner, what could be better than a massage? Erotic massages with oils and touching are a great way to communicate with your partner that you care. Go ahead, stimulate all your partner's erogenous zones with a sensual massage. A massage gets the blood moving and will get your partner in the right mood for sex.

Home cooked food followed by drinks at a local bar:

Does your partner get turned on by home cooked food? Cooking dinner together and hanging out at home is an ideal way to beat the long waiting lines in restaurants. Nothing beats cooking a delicious dinner and having sex on the kitchen table. After this loving reward, you could just make a quick dash to the local bar for drinks.

Baring secrets to each other:

In the confines of a warm bedroom, sharing deep secrets with each other will bridge the distance between you and your lover. When you share secrets, you bare your soul. In a deeper sense, intimate conversations are the unity of two coming together as one.

Reading tarot cards together:

Tarot cards will bring couples together metaphysically. It is fun to randomly to pick cards and look at the interpretations of the images. You might end up discovering things about yourself and your partner that you never knew before.

Going for a stroll in the moonlight by the lake:

Staying close, holding hands, walking arm in arm, hips swaying in rhythm is a romantic way to celebrate Valentine's day. This way you could be a blanket around your date. Cuddling and a touch on the shoulder while walking appeals to the person whose love language is expressed through touch.

Getting a love reading from a Psychic:

What can be more sexy than you and your lover approaching a psychic for a deeper understanding of your relationship? This is an act of faith. It shows that you are open to feedback about what clicks and what sucks about the two of you as a couple. This is not something that only couples will find wisdom in. A love psychic reading is something a single person can learn about their future romantic life too.

Finding a tallest observatory in the city and staring at the city lights:

This could help you loosen up and muse philosophically about life and nature. Stare into each other's eyes and find the rhythm of your sexual desire ticking under the city lights. Sexy talk and appreciating each other will bring this date to a satisfying end.

Long scenic drive and Making out in luxury uber:

Driving around, talking, listening to music is a great precursor to a memorable date. Hold hands in the silent dark and enjoy the feeling in body and mind. Luxuriate in your lover's company by making out in the uber.

By: Psychic Apprentice Mishka

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