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Top 5 Saints In Christianity And Why We Should Pay Homage To Them

Top 5 Saints in Christianity and why we should pay homage to them

To mark the celebration of All Saints Day (November 2nd), we have decided to honor some of our saints who have lived exemplary lives and have been a big part of Christianity.

Saints that have contributed to the body of Christ are in wholesome numbers, but for this list, we have decided to celebrate five of them.

1. St. Paul

Previously called the Saul of Tarsus, he was a persecutor of Christians as he considered them as an extreme danger to Judaism. He had an encounter with Jesus on his way to Damascus that changed everything and resulted in his salvation. The direction and drive changed for Paul as he went from someone who persecuted the church to someone willing to be persecuted for the church. He endured cold, hunger, stoning, imprisonment, beatings with rods, sleeplessness for the sake of the gospel. Paul traveled far and wide preaching and also wrote about 13 of the 27 books of the New Testament – his service, dedication, and diligence are forever worth celebrating.

2. St. Peter

Originally called Simon, brother of Andrew and son of Jonah. He worked as a fisherman and became a disciple of Christ after Jesus said to him and his brother “I will make you fishers of men”. Peter’s impact on Christianity is seen in the New Testament where he almost becomes the spokesman for the apostles. He spoke with boldness to thousands of crowds and converted them to Christianity. In over three decades of doing God’s work, he suffered imprisonment, persecution, and ultimately death. Peter’s life details how a spirit-led life should be.

3. Mary, the blessed virgin

Mary the mother of Jesus Christ was a Jewish woman of Nazareth and wife of Joseph. She was a faithful woman who showed strong belief in the word of God as she believed in Angel Gabriel when he told her that she would bear Jesus Christ. Her beloved son was rejected and murdered yet she submitted to God’s plan. She is one of the disciples of Jesus who didn’t flee when other people fled but stayed and accepted the very end burden of being under the cross. Mary, the blessed virgin represents a Christian model that signifies obedience, virtue, and faith.

4. St. John the Baptist

John the Baptist was a prophet in the region of the Lower Jordan River.

He was instrumental to the gospel as he baptized people preparing them for the coming of the messiah. He is known as John the forerunner, as he acknowledged being a witness of Christ. His impact on Christianity cannot be neglected, he encouraged important practices such as baptism, praying, and fasting. Sadly, he was beheaded by Herod Antipas as a birthday gift but his impact remains huge in the Christian faith.

5. St. Timothy

Timothy, son of Eunice, grew as a member of the Christian Congregation, but after meeting Paul during his 2nd missionary journey Timothy became his companion and also a partner to Silas. Over years, he traveled with Paul who became his mentor and trained Timothy on the work of the ministry. Paul sent Timothy to Ephesus where he spent the rest of his life ministering and training others to carry on the mission.

Timothy also co-wrote several books in the New Testament. He lived an exemplary life of service, teaching, and humility.

As you go about All Saints Day, remember the saints that have sacrificed and what they have done for the sake of Christianity. Peace!

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