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The Evolution Of Psychics: Ancient Advisors, Superstar Performers And Me

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

The Evolution Of Psychics: Ancient Advisors, Superstar Performers And Me

As long as there have been people, some have shown insight into the future. Many of history's most important decisions have been made at the insistence of a psychic - or at least taking psychic insight into consideration. Kings often planned marriages or decided when and how to conquer their enemies in consultation with their psychic advisors, who held positions of honor.

Long before modern medicine, psychic shamans and medicine men healed and counseled those who couldn't be helped any other way. Some cultures and religious systems teach that we all have a level of psychic ability if we take the time and effort to access it. Haven't you ever had a premonition - a feeling that you know what's about to happen?

For much of the last few decades, psychics have been looked upon as carnival acts and charlatans even though many people know that real psychic energy exists and is available. Fortunately, times are changing for the better. Real people with urgent needs and serious questions are turning to psychics once again for answers they can't find anywhere. And we're providing them.

A Brief History Of Psychics

Carefully developed systems for fortune-telling and divination date before recorded history. The most well-known of these systems, astrology, is still used today. It's based on the idea that stars and planets provide insight into the future and how people's lives will progress. Fortune-tellers who could make predictions with or without these systems were given the name astrologist, seer, prophet, clairvoyant and psychic.

The Bible highlights the role of seers as advisors to priests and judges, as seen in 1 Samuel when Samuel is asked to locate the donkeys belonging to future king Saul. In Egyptian history, the Ra priests at Memphis served as seers. In Assyria, seers were called nabu, which means to announce or call. Perhaps the earliest story of psychic abilities involves the Oracle of Apollo at Delphi. As early as the 8th century, this priestess was said to make predictions inspired by the god Apollo. The original priestess is one of many women who gave predictions at this spot. Geologists now hypothesize that naturally occurring ethylene gas could have enhanced the abilities of those who made predictions at this location.

Famous Psychics Through The Ages

Perhaps the most famous psychic is Nostradamus, who published a book of prophecies in 1555. Many have come true, although some of his predictions were vague or subject to misinterpretation. Still, hundreds of books have been written that expand on his ideas, and he even predicted his own death.

In modern times, Edgar Cayce found fame for his psychic abilities. Before his death in 1945, he has written about healing, wars, Atlantis, reincarnation and revelations about future events that came to him while in a trance-like state. He became a bit of a star in his later years and said his celebrity status might have overshadowed the groundbreaking work he did in medical diagnosis and spiritual development. He is considered the founder of the New Age movement.

Newspaper columnist Jeane Dixon was also a famed psychic many people have heard of. Until her death in 1997, she was perhaps America's best-known psychic because so many people read and depended on her syndicated newspaper column. She predicted the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and later advised Richard Nixon and Nancy Reagan.

Find Your Own Superstar Psychic

In the past, the services of the best psychics weren't available to the general public, and many competent seers never gained the recognition they deserved. But modern technology, including the Internet, has changed how we connect with each other. Just as television isn't something made by a few stars and controlled by a few networks anymore, psychic abilities are no longer controlled by kings, religions, the media or the big companies that dominated the industry just a few years ago.

Today, I serve clients all over the world, mostly through online readings, text and email readings, telephone and other means enhanced by technology - from the comfort of my home and yours.

Who are today's best psychics? Could I be among them? While I might not be advising any kings or governments this week, I could be the superstar psychic who makes a real difference in your life.

I'm confident in my insights, and I hope you are too. I'm also confident in technology's ability to connect me better than ever before with people who need me. How can I make a difference for you?

By: Master Psychic Rachel

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