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Scribing Serenity: Exploring the Magical Depths of Journaling

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Master Psychic Rachel Journaling

Once upon a time, journaling felt like a chore. I had a love-hate relationship with it and thought it was mostly for overachievers and entrepreneurial, Zen-type people – not that I don’t possess those characteristics, but sometimes they can come and go like the wind.

I dipped in and out of journaling, transitioning from café scribbles to digital entries in my trusty "Day One" journal. Entries from past days intrigued me, but consistency eluded me. Then, "The Artist's Way" by Julia Cameron entered my realm. Influencers on YouTube talked so highly about the book and how it helped them recharge their creativity chakras and other aspects of their life that I felt I had to see what it was all about.

So, of course, I rushed to my Kindle and bought her book. I added it to the surplus of other half-read books on my device. But I never finished the book because I was so captivated by the YouTubers bragging about “Morning Pages” and was mesmerized by her informative interviews. To me, I had heard enough to be convinced; she seemed like the Alchemist of writing prose.

"The Artist's Way," a guide to unlocking creativity, struck a chord with me because of its Morning Pages – a practice of writing in your journal first thing in the morning, as it’s said to help clear the mind by getting all your thoughts out of your head before you start your day. There is no need for structured writing, just a raw flow. Say what you must, and let your thoughts jump onto the page. So what if you jump off-topic? Just let your mind speak how it wants to speak (much like this blog post maybe).

Hate writing? No problem. In “The Artist’s Way,” Julia suggests you commit to 3 pages: front, back, front. But I suggest you do at least 1 page or even just 5 minutes a day if you can’t commit to 3 pages. Perhaps you can eventually work up to 3 pages or more. I promise you that getting to 3 pages daily will become easier than you think over time.

Morning Pages have become my inner therapist, decluttering my mind. All my ideas, worries, and dreams flow outside of me, leaving my mind with nothing but clarity, focus and purpose. Stress wanes, and insights start to bloom. Tasks grow easier. And I know that the practice of Morning Pages can do the same for you.

I invite you to experience this magic. For one week, start your day with pen in hand and paper ready. Write freely for 5 minutes and gradually build up to 3 pages if possible. There are no rules; pour your heart and soul into your physical or digital journal. Silence the inner editor as you explore your thoughts on paper. You can even add a simple to-do list in there if you know you have some things to do but have been procrastinating. Julia suggests writing longhand, but follow your flow and do what suits you best. The main thing here is to journal when you wake up before you become engulfed in your daily routine.

I often write in my Rocketbook, a reusable notebook, scanning my handwritten pages into my digital journal for privacy, but do what suits you. This week, let me know your experiences by following my Instagram for daily prompts and discussions on this topic. I even have an exciting free online course, “Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey,” to help you get started. Take part in this 7-day journey and embrace the transformative power of journaling.

So you may be asking yourself, “What does journaling have to do with psychic abilities?” Well, journaling allows you to tap into your soul, and because of this, it enhances the psychic connection. It brings you closer to your spirit and helps sweep out the negative voices and cobwebs in your head. Journaling keeps you centered and brings more clarity into your life.

Throughout history, words have shaped humanity, and your words can shape you. Much peace resides in journaling, and there is a profound and magical spiritual connection to it. Within, you can quiet the inner critic, allowing it to listen to the celestial voices and bring serenity to your soul. So, over the next week, try journaling, feel the enchantment and join countless others who've embraced Morning Pages. Even if you’ve tried journaling before, try it again in this new way, and you may see its magic work.

Here are some tips to consider before you begin this journey.

  1. Write daily, upon waking, even a line or two, even if you can’t do 5 minutes or 3 pages.

  2. Don't fret about content; let your thoughts wander and spill onto the paper or digital device, even if you jump from topic to topic.

  3. Nightly summaries are an optional addition, but only after you’ve succeeded in writing Morning Pages first, to clear and dump your mind and set your intentions for the day.

Why journal? Here are a few benefits.

  • Reflection: Organize thoughts and emotions.

  • Self-Awareness: Foster growth and understanding.

  • Goal Tracking: Monitor progress and set objectives.

  • Clarity: Gain insights and clarify aspirations.

  • Stress Relief: Release emotions and find creativity.

  • Problem-Solving: Sharpen analytical skills.

  • Balanced Perspective: Find harmony within

As you embark on this journey of self-discovery through journaling, a world of enchantment awaits your pen strokes. Over time, you'll step into the role of your own therapist, unraveling fresh perspectives and uncovering hidden facets of your being that might otherwise have remained shrouded in mystery. Bring Morning Pages into your life and allow every word you write to be a brushstroke of progress.

There's no reason for doubts, just a long road of growth ahead of you. Feel the magic, embrace the transformation, and remember that your journal is a doorway to deeper understanding of yourself. Should you seek further insights or wish to refine this voyage, know that I stand ready as your ally.

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With love and luminescence,

Master Psychic Rachel 🌛📜🌟

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