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Quirky New Service Gives You Quick, Complete Answers For $35

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

Quirky New Service Gives You Quick, Complete Answers For $35

Want an unexpected and unusual new way to connect with me for less than what you could pay for a one-hour reading? This week and for a limited time, I’m launching new Luck-of-the-Draw Readings – providing just enough time with me for the quick answers you need. You get an economical new way to connect with me for up to an hour while I’m better able to use my blocks of time to help more people.

Here’s how it works: you pay $35 for an online, text or telephone reading – and I give you as much time as I have for your issue, but not necessarily a full hour. You’re taking a chance because you get between 1 and 60 minutes, but don’t worry. I will do my best to make sure you are not dissatisfied. How long your reading lasts depends on my schedule and how much I have to say.

I believe you will find this to be a fair and economical choice. As you know, it’s often hard to stop at the end of a timed reading, but this will give me the opportunity to end things at a comfortable time for both of us.

If you decide to book a Luck-of-the-Draw Reading, you’ll get a confirmation for a one-hour reading, but remember that your reading may last from 1 to 60 minutes, so please purchase this special new type of reading at your own risk. The length of the reading will be at my discretion, and my decision is final. That’s how I can offer this very low price. No VIP discounts available on Luck-of-the-Draw Readings. Regular fixed-length readings are still available at regular price and subject to the usual VIP discounts if you prefer.

Why not give a Luck-of-the-Draw Readings a try? It’s just what you need and nothing more – an efficient choice for both of us that’s economical for you too.

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