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New Year, New Spread, New Coupon!

New Year, New Spread, New Coupon!

Hello, my angels,

I hope you’re well and enjoying the new year. Did you know that 2020 is the year of the 4? When you add 2+0+2+0, the total is 4. According to numerology, 4 means calmness, focus, and building of your dreams. This year is about securing your foundation for the future. Here’s my focus quote for the year:

Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.

In this year of the 4, everything you do now will have a lasting impact on your future. That means you must be especially mindful that the energy and emotions you express are what you want to get back. It’s more important than ever to stay positive and try to release any hate or ill-will so it can’t harm you.

Declutter Your Life (And Your Inbox)

The beginning of a new year is a wise time to declutter your life. That means getting rid of those things that don’t serve a purpose in your life anymore. It’s time to stop letting unnecessary burdens hold you down. Everything carries energy -- even the chair you may be sitting in now. If that chair or anything else is no longer serving you well, it may be time to get rid of it.

If you no longer feel my newsletters are of great value to you, please unsubscribe. As you simplify your life in 2020, I want to always be a useful and welcome presence and never a burden.

Thanks For Staying With Me

I would hate to see you leave my email list, but I only want to be in your life and your inbox if you want me there. I completely understand if you feel that it’s time to part ways. Just unsubscribe by clicking the link at the bottom of the page. And I wish you well in 2020 and beyond.

For those who are here to stay, thank you so much! We’re going to have a great year together. There are lots of great things to look forward to, and I hope to be there for you, offering you advice and guidance every step of the way.

The 2020 New Year Spread

My main reason for writing to you today is to let you know that I’m doing a new 13-card reading called the 2020 New Year Spread. It’s a very detailed reading that helps you understand what to expect for the year in general as well for each month of the year.

I’m only doing this special spread in January and only if you order a 30-minute or longer reading since it takes some time to provide you this much detail. After January 31, I’ll go back to my usual 7-card spread and New Year Spreads will not be available again until 2021. If you’re looking to be as prepared as possible for 2020 and avoid surprises, you may want to consider this powerful, insightful new reading type.

An Offer To Make It Easier

For taking the time to read this email, here’s $10 off any 30-minute or longer reading.

Promo: 2020 Spread

Expires: 01/13/20

With me by your side and a 13-card New Year Spread to guide you, I hope 2020 is a year when you dream big, believe strongly in yourself, do great things and keep moving up and up.

Master Psychic Rachel

Don't Live Life In The Dark

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