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Introducing Walk-In Wednesdays (Last-Minute Discounts Today!)

Hello My Angel, 

I hope you’re well and staying safe out there. As you know, I always send you my blessings. I promise to keep this exciting discount update short and sweet. 

Introducing Walk-In Wednesdays

I’m testing something new today: Walk-In Wednesdays. If you’ve been with me a long time, you may remember way back in the day when you could just “walk in” and see me on the spot – no appointment necessary. I’m feeling a little nostalgic and making myself available without an advance appointment today only.

If you can catch me online today, contact me for a special rate for a paid reading with me – right on the spot if I’m available. I will do my best to respond to texts and emails with a special today-only offer too.

Details About Walk-In Wednesdays

On Wednesdays, I won’t be taking appointments and spending my time catching up on business stuff and focusing on my psychic studies to better serve you in the future. But if you catch me online, by text or by email, I’ll offer you a special discounted walk-in rate that’s available only to VIP clients like you.

Time slots for Walk-In Wednesdays are limited and services are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. There is no guarantee I can see everyone who contacts me. Mention promo code “walkin” for this special deal.

Thanks for joining me on this nostalgic new adventure. I hope we can do this every Wednesday. How ever you spend your day, please stay safe and blessed.

Don't Live Life In the Dark...

Master Psychic Rachel

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