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Happy Fathers Day! My Dad!

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

For fathers day my sister sent me this collage of our father Geronimo and it really made my day today because he passed away when I was 13 yrs old. I will not forget it and it still feels like yesterday when he passed.

My dad was a great man and loved his family so much. He was hard working, funny and very handsome. He had his issues with alcohol, but he still was a great man. Nevertheless, his issues ended up being the cause of his death. He was drinking one night, fell, hit his head and when he was brought to the hospital, they just let him sleep it off, thinking he was just a drunk and did not follow proper procedure. He ended up drowning on his own blood, he was bleeding internally and before the hospital realized it. It was too late.

I remember right before his passing, having a vision he was going to die days before. I remember looking over his casket in this vision. Then a few days later my grandmother comes into the room to tell me your father has died. I was devastated. This vision I had of my father passing, was one of many moments, that made me realize, I got something, but I did not necessarily regard it as a gift, but a curse, at that time.

My mother never got over his death or the death of my little brother (both my spirit guides). To this day, my mother still cries like it was yesterday.

However, I am glad my father is still there even from a far, as I swear he is the one person, who brought me to this place I am now. I swear he has given me the power to see all the more, as after his passing my gift seemed to get all the stronger. He told me in a dream he would take good care of me and that he still does.

"I love you dad & I know for a fact your spirit still lives on"

P.S. Yes that is a picture of me with him when I was a baby : )

~Master Psychic Rachel~

Don't Live Life In The Dark

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