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Empire Radio Interview

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

These are the question from my Empire radio interview. Here is a link to the live broadcast ~~~>

Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer.

My name is Master Psychic Rachel. I’m one of the Internet’s top-ranking psychics and I run the website We offer free and paid psychic readings performed by me or one of my psychic assistants.

We’re pleased to offer readings through online chat, text, email and telephone as well as in person. Most of my clients prefer to have readings through online chat or text from the comfort of their own homes.

The great thing about online readings is that you don’t have to go anywhere to get a good-quality psychic reading with a top-ranking online psychic. That means this method is perfect for people who may live far away or have social anxiety.

Here at, we understand that you may be apprehensive about getting a psychic reading, and we want to help ease your fears by offering you a free reading at no risk or obligation. When you sign up for a free reading, there’s absolutely no pressure to buy a reading. We have inexpensive options if you’re satisfied with your free reading and want to learn more.

If you’re not completely blown away by your reading, we respect that – no questions asked. We still wish you the best in your life and endeavors.

Tell us about the background of your business and yourself.

I'm a natural-born gifted psychic. As Lady Gaga would say, “I was born this way”. With the encouragement of my mother, I’ve been developing this gift from a very early age. Maybe there will be time to tell you the whole story someday.

I’ve been professionally guiding people from all over the world and from all walks of life for over 20 years. I’ve been doing online readings for more than 15 years and started almost 12 years ago during a two-month hospital stay before the birth of my premature son.

Before I started, I worked for years for several big-name online psychic websites, including Kasamba, Keen, Mystic Insight and others. I was a highly-rated psychic for each of them and was on the first page of all these sites. I worked hard to keep my ranking. I did thousands upon thousands of readings. At the time, I was very pleased with working for these websites. They were good to me for the most part, but I had a big eye-opener when I was unable to work that first week I was on bed rest.

Because I couldn’t work for a while, one of the major sites I was working for removed me from the first page, a place I had worked so hard to get. They put me on the 10th to 20th page – and that really messed up business for me. Years and years of building my name went out the window. I wasn’t as important to the company as I thought. And I couldn’t make a living that way anymore.

This was a wake-up call that made me realize I was not in charge of my life. I thought I was the boss because I worked independently from home and set my own hours. But I wasn’t working for myself or my clients. I was working for a big company.

I decided that I no longer wanted to put my fate in someone else’s hands. So I started – to not only have better control of my future but to be able to have a more fulfilling relationship with my clients.

Those other websites forbid communication with clients outside their website, and that’s no way to build a relationship. I don’t want my clients pulling out their credit card every time they have a simple question. I want a long-term relationship that benefits us both.

What inspired you to pursue your profession?

There are several points of inspiration, but the most significant one is my mother. She always encouraged me to believe in myself, to have faith in my gift and to take this as far as I could take it. At a very young age, she encouraged me to stay connected with my spirit guide. She was always asking “what did your angel say?” and stuff like that. Having a mother with an open mind and who was so encouraging and didn't make me feel weird was a great inspiration indeed. I would have never gotten here without her love and support.

My children inspire me too. They encouraged me to start my own business so I could stay at home and watch them and not put their lives in the hands of a babysitter or some other stranger.

I think what really inspires me the most, however, are my clients and the lives that I change on a daily basis. When clients come back to me and say “you know what, what you told me was right on”, that’s great encouragement to continue. A client may say to me “I feel much better after I get done talking to you”. Or a client may praise me for my gift and remind me that I have something very special. Those types of daily reminders always keep me fueled and inspired to continue doing what I do.

So between my mother, my children, and my clients, I had the inspiration to get started and the inspiration to continue making a difference.

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

That's a crazy question to ask a psychic – especially a psychic who doesn’t read herself or look into her own future! But I hope to write a book one day – something like “The Master Psychic Bible”. When I do, I believe it will take me to new heights and great new places.

I also hope to find more ways to pass my knowledge on to up-and-coming psychics who are exploring this gift so they can become more powerful and successful as psychics and as business owners.

I also hope to have a television deal one day. I had a deal a few years ago that fell through. I would love to reach a wider audience and dispel the myths about psychics. It’s so much more then hocus-pocus and all the fluff that TV makes it seem to be. It’s about building relationships and guiding clients into a brighter future and better tomorrow.

Whatever happens, I’ll still be seeing clients as often as possible. Using my gift to help people is what I was born to do.

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