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9 Perks Of Being An MPO VIP Client

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

9 Perks Of Being An MPO VIP Client

To become a VIP client, all you have to do is purchase at least one 15-minute reading with me. That’s it. And when you do, you open the door to a wide range of perks. This message explains some of those benefits and introduces you to new services coming up in the future.

Because I believe you will find this message worth reading, I’m offering a promo code at the end in return for your precious time. In fact, time is of the essence, so let’s get started with this list of 9 perks of being a Master Psychic Online VIP client:

1. VIP Discount.

You save when you become a VIP client. After your first reading, you’ll receive a welcome letter with a promo code good for $5 off most readings for life.

Please understand that this promotion may not be around forever, but it has remained so far. When you get your welcome letter, be sure to save the promo code. You can ask me for it if you happen to forget. Additionally, I automatically invoice VIP clients the VIP rate of $5 off unless you provide me a coupon code of greater value.

2. Three Free Questions.

After you have your first reading, you can come back and ask a few questions for free. I try not to be particular, but let’s say it’s about 3 questions. This is a courtesy service, not a guarantee, and I do my best to get back to everyone. During busy times it may take a few days to get back to you, but I try not to let anyone slip through the cracks.

If you notice I’m not getting back to you promptly, please feel free to nudge me. Also, if my answers are short, forgive me. The free questions between readings don’t usually involve long answers, but I give you the best answer possible. Just remember that free in-between answers don’t replace paid readings during which I can look into things deeply and thoroughly.

3. Refer A Friend.

Did you know that if you refer a friend, you get 50 percent off your next reading? And if they refer someone, you can get more discounts on future readings. So if you know someone who would be a good fit for a psychic reading with me, please send them my way. I’ll be sure to contact you if they get a paid reading. All you have to do is ask them to give me your name, and I’ll take things from there.

Keep in mind, your information and readings are always strictly confidential, and I will never share with anyone, not even your friend. I will let you know the first time your referral sees me, but after that, I won’t discuss when they see me with you either. You never have to worry about me sharing your personal issues or details with anyone.

4. Emergency Chat Button.

On the homepage of my website, you’ll see a chat bubble. This chat is for VIP clients or emergencies – like if you’re having trouble reaching me or having technical, billing or connection issues. This chat button is the fastest and easiest way to make quick or emergency contact with me.

I do my best to get back to everyone in a timely manner, but I want to make sure you can always get with me in more than one way. I want to be there for you if I can.

5. Website Errors.

If you find something wrong with my site, see a broken link or notice text or a box not looking right on the page, let me know. If I’m unaware of the issue, I’ll give you a reading discount just for pointing this out to me and helping me make sure I’m putting my best foot forward.

I do my best to create a site that runs smoothly and is error-free, but sometimes – even after checking and rechecking – I miss things, and these things can go unnoticed for weeks. So if you can, help me make the website as perfect and beautiful as possible and you may be able to get a discounted reading.

6. Advertising Space.

If you have a business to promote, I have advertising space on my website. If you or anyone you know is interested in buying advertising space on one of my most popular of pages – maybe the homepage, chat room or link page – let me know. If the business is a good fit for my clients, I can provide ad space starting as low as $25 a month. I get thousands of page views a month and can share more specific details with you when you contact me to discuss your ad.

7. Extra time.

I always try to give clients as much time as I can. You may pay for 15 minutes and get 30 or pay for 30 minutes and get 40. It just depends on what I have to say. Sometimes others are waiting and I have to step away, so please don’t get offended if you don’t always get extra time. I will always give you the time you pay for plus whatever I can and whatever is necessary. No timer or clock will ever cut us off.

8. Booking A Reading.

Did you know when you book a reading, you can log into the booking system and schedule an appointment, make payment, and see future and past bookings? You can find the link at the top of my homepage. It’s called "Book A Reading". Then click the My Account button.

9. Business Services.

Not only am I a psychic who offers relationship and spiritual life coaching, but I also do business coaching with clients looking to start or improve their own online businesses. It’s not accurate these days to say that all psychics talk about is love and relationships. In fact, we talk about an array of intriguing topics. We understand that more of you than ever before are running or considering small businesses, and many dreamers aren’t sure what direction to take. This is where a visionary like myself can help you. We make dreams come true at Nialu through innovative and insightful business services.

Many of my clients come to me not just for spiritual advice but for career and business advice too. That’s why I soon will be offering new services related to helping small business get their ideas from their thoughts into reality. You will see logo and web design services on my site as well as other business services, so keep your eyes open for what's to come if you need assistance starting or running your online business.

I want you to know that, God willing, I am always here for you. When you get a reading with me, we become connected – and I love to stay connected with you as your future unfolds. I know that trust takes time to build, and most of my clients soon realize I have only their best interests at heart.

I feel blessed every day to be your spirit guide and am especially pleased that you’ve read this article today. Please accept 25 percent off your next reading when you use promo code

MPO VIP, expires 08/06/19

Don't Live Life In The Dark...

Master Psychic Rachel

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