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Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey

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How to navigate through this course: Each day presents a task intended for your physical journal, aiming to spark your creativity.

For example, Day 1:

✍️ Your Task for Today

Craft a dedication page in your journal. Dedicate this journal to your intentions and let them serve as your guiding light through the stormy seas.

Use this to inspire your writing today, but feel free to write whatever comes to mind. It's best to write first thing in the morning as suggested in "Morning Pages." If that’s not possible, write whenever you can. Aim for three pages, but if pressed for time, set a timer for 5-25 minutes. The goal is to build a habit of unrestrained writing; let your thoughts flow. You may use the daily task as a prompt or not; the choice is yours. These tasks are designed to inspire and guide you on this spiritual journey of journaling.

You will also have a journal question of the day.

For Example:

📜 Your First Journal Question

What whispers from the depths of your soul have gone unacknowledged? Jot down any thoughts, no matter how fleeting.

This question is meant to hold you accountable and show your commitment, helping you earn 50% off at the week’s end. Please submit your answers through the online course. They can be brief or extensive, and in most cases you can expect a response from me. Rest assured, your submissions remain confidential.

This self-paced course takes 7 days to complete. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate, a badge, and a promo code for 50% off your next reading.

Thank you for embarking on this magical adventure. I am excited to be your guide in discovering the empowering wonders of journaling.


"Scribe Your Soul: A Journaling Odyssey" is a captivating 7-...


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