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Get a 2 question email reading with Master Psychic Rachel.


Email readings are: $30 per two questions asked. Ask four questions for $60 or six questions for $90.

Email Reading (2 Questions)

SKU: 2QuestionEmailReadin
  • Email readings with Master Psychic Rachel are: $30 per two questions asked. Ask four questions for $60 or six questions for $90. No matter how many questions you ask, you pay just $30 for every two questions.


    So I can provide an accurate and timely email reading for you, please follow these instructions to order:


    FIRST, type up your information and questions before you make your payment. You can email me your questions after your place your order, or you can easily pay and submit your questions here.


    Be sure to provide me with your name and date of birth. Also, please provide the name and, if possible, the date of birth of anyone involved in your reading, like your spouse or the person about whom your questions pertain. If you don’t know the other person’s date of birth, please provide their age instead.


    Provide as many details about your situation as possible -- and be sure to ask every question that you feel is important. Then, add up the total number of questions you’ve asked. To do that, simply count the question marks in what you type up.


    SECOND, at checkout indicate the number of questions in the “Quantity” field. The website will do the math and bill you accordingly. Remember, email readings are just $30 per two questions.


    THIRD, be sure to email me your detailed information or submit your questions and payment through this form. If you email me directly through my contact me page, please put “Paid Email Reading” in the subject line of any email you write to me regarding your order so I see it as quickly as possible. If you submit your questions through the payment form, you do not have to do this.


    Your reading will be provided to you within three business days after your payment is complete.

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