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The Flame: Watch For Messages From Your Candle When Communicating With The Universe

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

The candle you light during prayers, spells and manifestations may be trying to tell you something – if you know how to interpret its symbolism.

So you’ve got a candle and a message you want to send out into the universe, but you’re not sure if you’re doing everything right to receive a message in return. You light the candle, recite your prayer and then wonder what the flame you see from your candle means.

To help you understand what’s happening when you light your candle and to determine whether what you’re sending out into the universe is having any effect, let’s go over a few of the most popular interpretations of what the flame means.

This guide will help you understand what the spirits are trying to communicate to you. The spirits are drawn to the candlelight like moths to a flame and may leave profound messages within the flame if you know what to look for.

First, light the candle, and observe how it burns. Did you have difficulty lighting the candle or did it light immediately?

Candle lights easily. There’s nothing super-symbolic about this, but if your candle lights quickly and easily, it means that now is a good time to start doing candle work. Your candle is ready to receive your prayers, wishes and manifestations. A candle that lights easily is unquestionably preferable to a candle that causes you problems right from the start.

Candle fails to light. If you have trouble lighting your candle, it’s possible that your fate has been decided for you and there’s nothing you can do to change that. But don’t freak out. If this happens, just try again later or get a new candle. A defective candle could be to blame, but I seriously doubt it.

Now that you’ve lit the candle, do you notice any smoke? Is it white or black?

A lot of smoke. Depending on how you look at it, a lot of smoke could be good or bad. If there is a lot of smoke, it could indicate that you’re surrounded by a lot of drama or negativity. The color will also help you determine what this might mean.

A little smoke. This indicates that there isn’t too much commotion around you at the moment and that the energy is calm, which is ideal when you’re lighting a candle and performing manifestations.

As you look at the color of the smoke, you should also look for images in the smoke. There might be hidden messages or something the spirits are trying to communicate with you.

White smoke. This is a sign that your prayers and wishes are about to be fulfilled.

Black smoke. This may signify that you’re under spiritual attack or surrounded by an opposing force. Take this seriously. If you see only a little black smoke, don’t panic. It could just be a sign that the spirits are removing the darkness around you. If you notice a lot of heavy smoke, however, it could indicate a lot of drama or opposing forces around you.

Let’s take a look at the flame again. Is the flame evenly distributed, strong, or weak?

Even candle flame. If the flame is not too strong and also not too weak and there is no smoke, crackling or dripping, your spell is probably working at a nice steady pace. You may not see the desired results immediately, but things will move at a slow and consistent pace in the direction you want.

Strong, bright flame. If the flame is bright and robust, it’s a strong indicator that your spell has a lot of power behind it and that results will be quick.

Small, steady flame. A small, steady flame simply means that success is in sight, but it may take some time. Things may begin to move in your desired direction slowly, but they should still come to pass for you eventually.

Small, weak flame. If the flame is weak, it indicates that the spell is not working properly or that the timing is off. If you get this type of flame, don’t panic. Just wait a few days or perhaps a week and try your spell again.

Now let’s take a look at how the flame moves.

Dancing flame. Dancing indicates that a lot of magic or spirits are around you. This could include negative forces too. Simply watch how the flame dances to understand the type of energy surrounding you: Is it seductive and smooth or wild and chaotic?

Flickering flame. If a flame alternates between dim and bright, you can consider it a flickering flame. When you see this, it means that your prayers are being answered, that the spirits are around you, that they can clearly hear you and that they are working on your spell right away.

Here are some other qualities of the flame to look out for.

Two flames. This phenomenon implies that two energies are at work. Either these flames are working together to help one another or they’re at odds with one another. What you asked the spirits determines how you interpret this.

Popping flame. A noisy candle means that the spirits are attempting to communicate with you. Listen quietly and try to decipher what the spirits are saying. If you pay close attention, you can hear a deep message from the spirit world in these sounds.

Before and after prayers, you may want to observe the flame and write down or make a mental note of your observations. Then, ask yourself, is the flame the same or different after your prayer? You should also pay attention to the flame’s color and motion.

Blue or white flame. This indicates that a spiritual presence is interested in your magic.

Red or yellow flame. This indicates that powerful energy is fueling the spell.

Smoke blowing in your direction. This can mean that good things are coming and that you will soon achieve your objectives.

Smoke moving away from you. Depending on what you’re asking of your spirit guides, this could be a good or bad omen. It could mean that good things are moving away from you or bad things are moving away from you.

When studying the flame, it’s a good idea to keep these other details in mind as well.

The flame goes out. This could mean that whatever you’re trying to manifest will not materialize, depending on when it goes out. If the flame burns out after the candle is finished, this is to be expected. If the candle goes out in the middle of your spell work, this is a bad sign and may indicate that deeper forces around you are preventing you from achieving your desired result.

The flame doesn’t go out. This is a sign that you’re not finished with your spell. You should go back and try again because you may have missed something. The spirits are telling you that you still have work to do, so try to cast the spell or say your prayer once more.

Candle crater. If the candle burns unevenly down the middle and there’s a ring of wax around the flame, this is called a “candle crater,” which may indicate that you are being blocked in your efforts.

No wax drips. The absence of dripping wax proves that the spell has been cast successfully.

Dripping wax. This could mean that something is out of balance.

Soot at the top of the jar. This indicates that goals have been achieved and progress has been made.

Soot at the bottom of the jar. This is an indication that work has stalled and may have to be restarted.

Candle breaks. In the event of a broken candle, it’s probably best to delay any further candle-related projects while the cause is investigated.

Now that you know the basics of flame reading, you should light a candle, say some prayers and contemplate the majesty and meaning of the flame. Lighting a candle is one of the most powerful ways to make your dreams come true because the spirit world is drawn to its warm glow. There’s no need to wait for your birthday or any other special occasion to send out a request to the universe.

Many religions and spiritual practices incorporate the lighting of candles into their prayer rituals, believing that the light of the candles attracts and appeases the spirits who are being prayed to.

I hope this article has changed your perspective on candles forever. The next time you light your candle, take a photo or send me a video. I’d love to see how things are going for you and help you interpret the message that the universe has for you.

Stay blessed, my angels, and remember to pay attention to the flame.

Master Psychic Rachel

Don’t Live Life In The Dark…


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