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Mishka Readings Coming Soon!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

After numerous years of training jointly with me, my trusted sidekick "Psychic Apprentice Mishka" will soon be accepting clients. She will continue to aid me with free readings, but if you would like a more in-depth reading with her, as many do, you will soon be able to get a paid email reading with her through the website.

#Mishka already goes above and beyond with her free email readings, but now she will be able to take her amazing insight even further. She cherishes helping those too blind to understand what the future holds.

I trust Mishka, and she has worked really hard to get where she is. Through the years many psychic apprentices unsuccessfully tried to arrive at where she is.

Mishka takes what she does very, very seriously, and she is delighted to get to know you and share her gift with those in need of psychic insight.

Check back in the coming weeks if you would like a reading with her and to witness what makes her such an amazingly gifted up and coming psychic reader.

Master Psychic Rachel

Don't Live Life In The Dark...

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