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Goddess Behaviors: 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Inner Strength And Power

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

Goddess Behaviors: 10 Keys To Unlocking Your Inner Strength And Power

There is a god in all of us, and you shouldn't feel ashamed or embarrassed to embrace the inner goddess in you. But when I say goddess, I don't mean diva. A diva is an attitude. A goddess is a spirit.

Every woman has this inner goddess inside us, just waiting to be unleashed. Once you learn to unlock the secrets of your inner goddess, you’ll realize that she’s a force to be reckoned with.

A goddess understands that her powers go beyond the surface. That’s why when a true goddess shines, she shines from the inside out. She knows the importance of first being beautiful inside, and then that beauty projects and manifests on the outside. A goddess knows what she wants. She knows her powers, her strengths and even her weaknesses.

If you want to tap into your inner goddess, check out these 10 goddess behaviors. When you exhibit these behaviors, you’re unlocking the inner goddess in you:

  1. We are spiritual. A goddess knows she is powerful, but she also knows that there is a higher power, the creator, who is a force greater than herself that guides her through life, the spiritual plane and the universe. Using her religion or spirituality, a goddess taps into this divine power to empower herself and others. With her friends, clients, students and family, she is always a beacon of light and inspiration. Her higher power guides her morals, heart, passion, spirit, growth and dreams.

  2. We know our value. A goddess knows her worth. She knows that she is more precious than gold. Because she is fully aware of her value, she doesn’t settle for less than she deserves. She sets the highest standards for herself because she knows her strengths and what she can bring to the table. She only wants to be around people who genuinely value her presence and time. A goddess knows her energy is sacred, so she doesn’t hand it over lightly to just anyone. Wasted time costs you a king's ransom.

  3. We know forgiveness is godly. A goddess doesn’t hold grudges. She knows that bitterness stunts her growth. She knows that forgiveness is godly, so she doesn’t let the weight of someone else's ignorance burden her energy force. Like God, she will forgive you and bless you from a distance, then let Karma complete the process.

  4. We don’t let people take advantage of us. When a goddess detects that her kindness has been taken as weakness, she removes herself immediately from the situation. She knows that as a divine being she must protect her heart, soul, spirit and pride. A goddess knows how to separate herself from a toxic situation and not look back. She loves herself too much to let someone mistreat her or misconstrue her kindness. She won't put up with drama for long and knows how to walk away, perhaps quicker than most.

  5. We are high achievers. A goddess is constantly working to improve her quality of life. She knows that great things come with persistence and time. She knows that learning is a lifelong process. She can never learn enough because there's always room for growth and is constantly striving to up her skills, game and knowledge to be the best at what she loves and does. She grinds hard until she reaches the pinnacle of her dreams and knows that with hard work, focus and determination, the fruits of her labor will pay off. A goddess knows her calling and won't stop until she fulfills her destiny. She is always trying to level up.

  6. We take care of ourselves. A goddess knows that taking care of herself is vital. Sure, she may not be dressed to the nines 24/7, but she knows that when she looks good, she feels good too. She also knows that eating healthy, working out and keeping her hair and nails done are all part of her daily ritual and contribute to her well-being. She knows her body is a temple, and there is no one better to worship it than herself. She also knows that having designer perfumes, cute outfits, sexy undergarments, and stilettos in the closet can go a long way for a special occasion.

  7. We don't take no for an answer. A goddess doesn’t accept rejection. Rejection only adds fuel to the flame, making her want something even more. Even if what she wants doesn’t fall on the universe's timeline, she doesn’t give up. Setbacks are a sign to work harder and with greater purposefulness. She always grinds harder till she gets what she wants – or something better.

  8. We don't care what people say. A goddess doesn't give a damn about what other people have to say about them, especially when that person speaks from a place of negativity and despair. She has so many positive things going on in her life that if she gave energy to everything someone had to say, it would only stunt her growth and ambitions. Instead, she lets haters be motivators. She turns negative energy directed toward her into the fuel to propel her to the next level. When she’s confident in who she is, she doesn't need validation from others to confirm her identity.

  9. We put out what we want to receive. A goddess knows that she reaps what she sows, so whatever energy she puts out into the universe – good or bad – she knows will come back to her tenfold. That’s why she is always striving to live a positive, fruitful, drama-free life. She knows that life can have its peaks and valleys but that it reflects her thoughts, beliefs, actions and words. That’s why she’s cautious about what she says, what she does and who she has around her.

  10. We are tapped into our feminine power. A goddess knows how to tap into her feminine energy. She knows that her feminine energy can be her most extraordinary power – or her kryptonite. Therefore, she tightens the grip on her sexual energy. Like a lioness, she knows how to conserve and when to strike. A goddess protects her feminine and sexual energy as if it were the holy grail. She is careful not to mix her sexual energy with the wrong person's spiritual DNA.

Once you start unlocking the doors to your inner goddess, you will feel a power that you’ve never felt before. You will feel lighter, more inspired, more divine and better protected. You will start seeing blessings come that you never thought were possible. You will have a glow about you that attracts people to you like a moth to a flame.

Most people will respect your divine energy and want to bask in its light. Some will be blinded by your radiance and then left in the dark because of their own insecurities. Whatever happens, stand your ground, stay humble and enjoy your newfound awakening.

Have you had your goddess breakthrough? What are you waiting for? I’m here to help when you’re ready to recognize the goddess status that’s already within you. Book a powerful reading with me today. Get $20 off any 60-minute reading. Promo Code: Goddess. Expires on 06/30/21.

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